Friday 10 August 2012

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Hi lovelies. I hope you're all having a nice Friday! I have a day off work so thought I'd take the chance to share with you some Asos purchases I made recently, and maybe get some feedback on the items I'm unsure of and whether or not to return them. I don't quite know what came over me but last week I placed no less than FOUR separate orders with Asos! I'm pretty sure it's the combination of their amazing sale, 10% discount for students, their free super saver delivery and also their no hassle free returns policy that makes the temptation to click that 'Pay Now' button so over powering.

I love ordering with Asos, a lot of the products are absolute bargains and in the past I've purchased some gorgeous dresses for less than £15. But, the main downfall to ordering anything online is not being able to try something on before you purchase, and often I've found with Asos that something can look absolutely amazing on the model... but on me it looks far, far less than amazing. This was the case with a playsuit that arrived as part of order #1. It was the first thing that came up in the 'playsuit' tab of the sale section and I thought 'Oooo £13.50 what a steal!', and when I saw they had it in a size 8 I threw it in my basket straight away. I don't have any pictures of me wearing this because as soon as I tried it on I instantly made the decision to send it back as it didn't fit me anything like the model in the site picture which was disappointing. You can see in the picture of the back that the bottom half fits like shorts on the model, well on me it seemed to fit more like a very skimpy pair of knickers! (..and I don't have a particularly large bottom either). When I had it on it actually revealed more of my bottom than it covered, and that was not a style that I was willing to sport, so back in the post it went.

Source: asos website
Source: asos website
Asos Peplum Playsuit £45.00 £13.50 (link)

I also picked up two mini skirts, both in the same style, but in the two different colours that they had to offer. One black with a baby pink belt, and the other hot pink with a black belt. These are a nicely fitting style and very wearable pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Source: asos website

Asos Jersey Mini Skirt with Contrast Belt (Black) £12.00 £6.00 (link)

Source: asos website
Asos Jersey Mini Skirt with Contrast Belt (Pink) £12.00 £6.00 (link)

I normally manage to find a lot of items that I like in the jewellery and accessories section of Asos, but this time I found just the one necklace that caught my eye. It's a long, pendant necklace with a feather on the end of a gold chain. Each section of the feather actually moves instead of it just being one steady and solid style which I really like. I think it adds an extra dimension to the piece and the way it flexes means that different gems catch the light at different times.

Source: asos website
Someone iron my dress for me please?!
Pieces Herdis Necklace (Gold) £12.00 £5.00 (link)

Not a great deal to say about the next few five dresses that I popped into my basket. I thought they were all reasonably priced and I had them in mind to be versatile pieces that could be used for work, daytime and also for night time depending on how they're styled and what other pieces they're paired with. Let me know what you think of them. 
The only reason I'm not so sure on the Polka dress (below) is the colour and I don't really know if it suits my skin tone? It's a bit of a funny shade and I'm just not so sure - Hmmm!

Source: asos website

Club L Polka Dress with Belt £29.00 £18.00 (link)

I think this looks much, much better with a belt on. And, again, iron please?!
Club L Shirt Dress with Pearl Collar £39.00 £22.00 (link)

For some reason and completely by accident I order this strappy playsuit below in a size 10 instead of a size 8, so it is quite a bit too big for me, but I do like the style so I'm just going to send it back and exchange it for the smaller size.

Source: asos website
Asos Playsuit with Strappy Back £30.00 £15.00 (link)

This swing dress didn't float my boat at all and is going to be sent back. I know that it's the style they're supposed to be etc, but this just hung off my like a potato sack and was one of the least flattering things I've ever had on. It just feels too big and completely swamps me; the first picture is showing how much extra room there was under my arms ha! 

Source: asos website

Asos Swing Dress with Collar £16.00 (link)

Source: asos website
(I didn't buy this dress in purple - I got it in black, I just preferred the picture of the purple one) 
Source: asos website

Asos Mini Swing Dress with Dipped Hem £18.00 (link)

So, are you like me and order more from Asos than you usually would because you know how easy it is to send it back?
Which of these purchases is your favourite? - Mine's the pearl detail dress!



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