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Monthly Favourites | January

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Hi everyone! Well, that's it.. January is over now. The bluest, dullest, skintest and most depressing month of the year is DONE! Woo - now we can all go back to being happy and get excited for spring and summer, roll on a bit of sunshine! I've managed to keep my 'January Blues' at bay this year and have felt extremely positive about life; I'm so content with everything right now and feel like I have nothing to moan about (this makes a huge change for me - I am #1 moaner!) so I hope that everyone else has coped with the dull and dark nights and cold, wet and windy weather too. Enough rambling, it's time for the first favourites post of 2013! Read on to see what I have been loving and why...

Soap & Glory - 'Smoothie Star' Body Milk
I've totally gone mad for Soap and Glory recently and could easily have dedicated this post entirely to their products! I've restrained myself and included just two for my favourites this month; the first being this body milk called Smoothie Star. I got this moisturiser as part of my Best of All gift set (Christmas present to myself) and didn't expect I'd be able to love a moisturiser as much as this. Point A: pump dispenser. Yes. Anything else is just too messy and this is just perfect to pump it into your hand then you're good to go, and you can easily go back for more and dispense as little or as much as you need at a time. Point B: the scent. Almond! This contains almond, cocoa, yoghurt, oat and honey but I find the only detectable scents really are the almond and cocoa, both beautiful. Point C: it is a 'milk'. Being a milk means that it is lightweight and absorbs into the skin really quickly so there's no hopping about with no clothes on waiting until you're not sticky any more. Point D: being lightweight doesn't compromise it's intensity and it is still deeply moisturising and nourishing. Point E: the most impressive thing for me was how long this really lasts on the skin, e.g. shower and apply at 7am.. same day get ready for bed at 10pm and can still feel in on the skin - in a good way of course! I cannot get enough of this and I'm sure I'll be buying more if this ever runs out (it's a very big bottle!).

Soap & Glory - 'Glad Hair Day' Intensive Conditioner
Yay for Soap and Glory! When I bought the Glad Hair Day Shampoo there was a 3 for 2 offer on S&G and as I was deliberating between the regular conditioner and the intensive conditioner I decided to opt for both. It turns out that the Intensive version works better for my hair type, but I think it would be too heavy to use each time I wash because it is reallllly intense, so I use it more like a weekly treatment instead and it works an absolute treat for me. Not only does it smell like heaven (heaven smells like raspberries, right?), a little goes a long way and this balm like conditioner leaves my dry, frizzy mess smoothed down, tamed and soft to the touch. At £5.50 this is one of the best value for money treatments (if that's how you want to use it) and one I will surely buy again!

Lush - 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel
Snow Fairy. Arguably the most hyped up shower gel, ever. I was a first time user of Snow Fairy this Christmas and on first impressions I was far from impressed - the scent is understandably not to a lot of people's taste and I was convinced it was too sickly sweet for me and left it neglected for weeks. Recently, I gave it another chance and have decided now that I do in fact really like it! It is really strong smelling and although it doesn't linger for long on the skin it does last forever in the bathroom and smells very sweet and girly - it's candyfloss and bubblegum, I think. A little goes a long way with this, it lathers up well and what better way to perk up a morning shower than with bright pink shimmery bubbley shower gel that will give your nostrils a sweet treat. I am definitely a convert to this and next Christmas I'll be sure to buy a bigger bottle.

Clinique - Chubby Stick Intense in 'Plushest Punch'
Last week I did a review on this Chubby Stick Intense (link) and compared it to the regular Chubby Sticks and also to Revlon's Kissable Balm Stains, but this variant is the clear winner in my eyes, even if it does cost double what I would prefer to pay for a lip product. I adore the super bright, hot pink shade of this and how highly pigmented it is, with a super glossy finished combined with a moisturising balm and an amazing staying power all in a cute crayon form. There's no better combination!

The Body Shop - Almond Hand and Nail Cream
It was the falling in love with the scent of Smoothie Star that led me on to purchase this hand cream from The Body Shop in December; I couldn't get enough of the almond fragrance and needed more! I'll admit that my main reason for loving this is because of the smell... are you sensing a theme within this favourites post?! My nose has been leading the way in this one but of course a good hand cream is an absolute essential throughout the winter months and The Body Shop products are such high quality so this one was perfect. Ideal for popping into my bag for a top up throughout the day to keep hands soft and moisturised.
Paco Rabanne - Lady Million EDP
Ookaaaay, so sticking with the theme of things that smell gorgeous, I'm going to end this post my perfume of choice for this month. This was a Christmas present from my boyfriend and I sure almost everybody has smelt this before and knows just how beautiful it is - this is well known favourite of many. I'm no good at describing what a perfume smells like but this is simply gorgeous, and just look at it! I am so stingy with this though; I want it to last forever and ever!


  1. Gorgeous picks! Snow Fairy is up in my favourites this month too, and I'd love to try the S&G conditioner! xo

  2. I've been wanting to try a Clinique Chubby Stick for ages now! I love the shade of yours :D

  3. I always say I want to try snow fairy yet every year never get round to it! the smoothie star looks great too, need to pick that up next time I'm in boots :) :) xx

  4. Soap and glory is THE best, lovely post! xx

  5. Lovely favourites. I adore S&G too! Loving their sugar crush shower gel! :) xxx

  6. Great picks! I am in the market for a new conditioner so I might try that one x

  7. You have picked some great favourites of mine lovely :) i adore paco million. Mine is nearly gone and i dont want it to :( Ive never tried S&G shampoos and conditioners before so il have to give them a whirl :)

    Love Emily xx

  8. Really need to get some Snow Fairy this Christmas, heard nothing but good things about it! I can completely understand the Soap and Glory obsession, I have it too :)

    Lauren x

  9. I love snow fairy too and the almond hand cream is one of my favourites :)
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  10. I wanted snow fairy soo much I just didnt have a lush near me to get it :( I love sap and glory too Iv gone crazy for the stuff but not so keen on this scent of body milk. Lady million is my ultimate favourite xx Great bunch of favourites hunni xx

  11. i love my snow fairy soap....but mine like some of the pigmentation and glitter falls to the bottom...does that happen to yours ? or anyone else's?

  12. I love good hair day shampoo so I really want to try the conditioner! I've only just tried the shampoo but it made my hair feel so volumised! I don't even think it's supposed to though haha!
    Love body shop hand creams too, they are brilliant! :) xxx

  13. the clinique chubby stick looks like a lovely shade! :)
    & good choice of perfume, i love lady million & my boyfriend wears the one million hahaha! xx

  14. I'm desperate to get one of those Clinique Chubby sticks, yours is a beautiful shade! xx

  15. I lovelove snowfairy and around christmas my mum goes crazy and buys so many bottles! I also ofc love S&G! But that perfume is one of my all-time faves, i've nearly finished my second bottle!

    Sophierosehearts x

  16. Im loving soap&hlory atm, love clinique chubby sticks aswell great post!

  17. I lovee Lady Million perfume, really want to try the S&G hair stuff now you've recommended it! x

  18. I so sad I never got to pick up any of the Snow Fairys! :(
    Love anything Soap and Glory!

  19. I love the Smoothie Star body milk! I featured it in my January Favourite's post too :) It's such a lovely product xx

  20. I am using (and loving) Snow Fairy at the moment. And I have just used up my sample of Lady Million, I really enjoyed it and am considering buying it in full (though may have to ask nicely for it as a gift instead). Completely agree with the two Soap & Glory products, both are brilliant. S&G are yet to let me down (their sexy mother pucker lip gloss things are amazing, just as good as Clinique Chubby Sticks and way cheaper!).
    Hope you had a lovely week!
    Zoe x

  21. Nice to know your blog, already following you!

  22. I've never tried body shop hand creams but I'm definitely going to pick one up now :-)

  23. Love this perfume,I have the same.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    Lovely greets Nessa
    My Blog

  24. lovely picks dear :) I really need to try those new chubby stick intense...they look amazing! xx


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