Wednesday 9 January 2013

January Sales Beauty Haul

Fingers tightly crossed that this is the last haul post you see from me for quite a long time! I'm not so much on a labelled 'spending ban' like other bloggers are at the moment, mine is more that I have realised (finally), that I have just too.much.stuff. really. and I am going to stop being so silly and buying things that aren't necessary when I already have so much.

It's not even funny how many products I have for body, hair, skin, make-up and all the rest of it, and I really don't have enough storage space to put it all away somewhere neat and tidy so right now my bedroom and bathroom is looking like somebody let off a bomb in Boots!

I received so many lovely things for Christmas, and also for my birthday that was just a couple of weeks earlier, that I really shouldn't need to be buying anything else for quite a long time, but who can resist those Boxing Day and January Sales?! Definitely not somebody with zero will power like me.

I personally think that I did quite well in not going overboard, as I didn't enter any shops at all (the craziness of sales in store scares me) so both of these were online orders, and I didn't order a single item of clothing either; I successfully filled my Topshop basket to about £50 the other night but mustered up the will power to click the 'x' on the page instead of the 'pay now' button.

Below are a couple of beauty bits that I ordered from the comfort of my own home during the days following Christmas:

Feel Unique || Instagram: hannahripley1
Boots || Instagram: hannahripley1

Feel Unique - ordered on Boxing Day

- Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Shampoo (250ml) £14.75 £7.35

For Christmas my Nanna got me a bottle of Philip Kingsley conditioner along with a small sachet of the elasticizer and I am ever so grateful so this as I loveee using high end hair products, but I'm a little bit funny about needing to use them as a 'duo' - I can't use the conditioner that she got me without the matching shampoo! (I hope other people are the same and need to have a matching pair with shampoo and conditioner??). On Christmas Day evening I had a peek online at Feel Unique sale and was overcome with joy to see 50% off Philip Kingsley products - yay! Perfect excuse to be able to snap up the shampoo for a bargain price and I placed my order the next morning.

- YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen £25.00 £21.25

A new Touche Eclat has been something that I have desperately needed for such a long time - honestly, I almost included a picture of my current tatty one.. I don't know what's happened to it but it's got about 3 dents in the metal, scratched and scraped within an inch of it's life, it's practically silver now instead of gold, and only a tiny splodge of gloopy product comes out after 20 clicks of the button.. it's been well loved! (and also abused by the sound of things). I was waiting first of all to see if my mum had taken my hints that I needed a new one and got me one for Christmas, but as she didn't it seemed only fitting that I used Christmas money to buy myself one on Boxing Day, and with 15% off there's no better time!

Boots - ordered on 28th December at 4am when I couldn't sleep!

- No7 Skincare Treats Gift Set £16.00 £8.00

This skincare set was the first, and really the only, item that I had wanted from Boots but unfortunately my local store didn't have it in so I needed to order it online. I'm super stingy with paying for delivery and opted to spend an extra £12+ on other items to be able to qualify for free delivery. Shameful. For only £8.00 I am so happy that I got this gift set for myself, especially as the Boots No7 vouchers are back again now and I never know what to get with my vouchers and always play it safe with the face wipes! This gives me a chance to try out the eye make-up remover, day cream, night cream and the hot cloth cleanser, complete with a muslin cloth and a fluffy head band for the ultimate pamper. This only arrived on Monday so I've not tried anything out yet, but I will do ASAP and pop a full review up in a little bit too.

- Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion £5.35 £2.67
'Half price on selected Palmers body care'

I've always been a bit curious to try this out ever since falling in love with the Palmers Cocoa Butter but never got round to buying one. I needed things to fill my basket and this being half price was the perfect reason to finally try it out.

- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 £3.69
'Save up to £2 on selected Collection 2000'

Yep, best concealer in the world, ever. Definitely. This only had 50p off so obviously not a huge saving but I would have bought this again at some point or another so there was no harm in picking it up while it had a little bit of discount. Plus, I want to review this but all the writing has rubbed away on my current one so that's not helpful for anyone in a review really!

- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Love Sick £7.99 £5.00
'Only £5 on selected Revlon cosmetics' 

I bought a Chubby Stick (Intense) from Clinique just before Christmas and I absolutely love it to death but they are on the pricey side and these balm stains from Revlon have been so heavily compared to them that I needed to try it out for myself to see if it really was a good cheaper alternative. On first impressions.. these smell horrible and the Chubby Sticks are much nicer! But for just £5 these are okay and I will still use it, I just doubt that I'll be hopping out to buy anymore any time soon.

- Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara £9.99 £5.00
'Only £5 on selected Revlon cosmetics'

I can't even begin to express how rare it is for me to repurchase a mascara, and I think that most other people are the same. They have to really impress me for me to buy the same one twice when there's so many out there to try. I've been using the regular Grow Luscious for the past few months and it is definitely the best one that I have ever used, ever. If this one wasn't half price and only £5(!!) then I maybe wouldn't have bought it again, but I'm happy that I have and I can't wait to see if the 'plumping' version is much different.

I saved £19.15 in Boots, and £11.15 on Feel Unique, leaving me with a total savings of £30.30 on all of these 7 items! Bargainous sale shopping without even leaving the house.

Did you pick up any great bargains in the sales this year?


  1. Amazing savings! I'm the same with shampoo and conditioners! It just wouldn't be right to not use matching ones. I love everything you've bought :) xx

  2. i managed to be very well behaved in the sales and not buy anything! I am keeping my eye out for a deal on the revlon lip stains as I love them. I think realising you have too much stuff is a good thing, sometimes we put too much importance on stuff haha.

  3. Lovely post Hannah!! hehe! :) I'm on a #spendingban so not bought anything but did recieve a few things in the post which I'd ordered before I went on it! I got #Naked2 and 3 lipsticks, 1 being NARS! EEEEPPP!!!! The rest of things to come are prizes so whoop for me! Will you be doing a post on your (our!) Witch Skincare win my lovely #FlawlessFollower?

    Great Haul me love, keep up the good work, I look forward to reading all the relevant Posts. I also understand abt the not having space thing, I certainly have 2 much stuff, including 15 lipsticks!! :O :O I know I know!!! Why I ever needed 3 more I'll never know!!!!

    Good Luck not buying anything! :) xoxoxox

  4. The no7 skincare set looks a beaut to try out :) totally know what you mean by cutting down. Im currently doing that with my whole bedroom with clothes etc but things chucked away means getting new things in :P Lovely little post. Will enjoy reading more.

    Love Emily xx

  5. Lovely post! I really want to try out that Revlon mascara! xo

  6. Is the palmers natural bronze any good? Really want to try it out! x

  7. the Palmers natural bronze is amazing! I use it every day and it gives such a good natural tan colour to my skin, like it says on the bottle. I used it the first time for my leavers ball and it looked beaut in pictures. Highly recommend it, I hope you like it! Much love, B. x


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