Tuesday 29 January 2013

Review: VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir Treatment

Just a quick note that this has been re-packaged now, so if you're looking into buying this for yourself then this isn't what it will look like on the shelves. Here is a link to the Boots site to what it now is: link. This hair treatment is a firm favourite of Lily Melrose's (etcllymlrs) and it was her constant mentioning of it talked me into purchasing it for myself ...Sadly, I'm not as impressed with it as she is!

What this little tube of oil claims to do is "repair and hydrate dry or damaged hair. It reconstructs damaged hair in 1 minute with no preheating required". Okay, so let's start of firstly with "repair and hydrate dry or damaged hair"? So, my hair isn't all that damaged anymore after putting a lot of effort into sorting it out, but it is still a bit dry on the ends and I assume this is a problem for most people with long hair too, and I was hoping for at least a little bit of a hydration boost after using this but truth be told my hair felt drier after using this?! Yes, I'm not lying. It had the opposite effect. Next, "reconstructs damaged hair" ..hmm wouldn't say I noticed any reconstruction at all. You can tell from the pictures shown  that I've only used this twice so far and I'm not planning on using it again.. it's had it's chance and I don't want sticky, tangled straw hair again!  You may think I'm jumping to conclusions and haven't given this product a fair trial and that it needs to be used a few times before results are noticeable, but this does claim to do these things "in 1 minute" so correct me if I'm wrong in hoping for an almost instant improvement to my hair and being let down when the only thing I end up was dry and matted strands. Finally "no preheating required" - well this one's okay as it's hardly a claim, it's just letting you know that it's different from the original 'shots' of this that needed to be warmed in a cup of hot water before use, but with this one you just pop it on wet hair before shampooing and that's it, good to go. What I did like about this, however, was the 'guideline' markers on the tube (shown below) so that you know how much product you should be using on each application as it's helpful to have a rough idea.

So, am I being too harsh on this product? Should I give it another chance? Sorry to be a negative bum and being quite blunt in this review.. but it's the truth about my experiences with this and it just really did nothing for me at all. I think that people should be fully informed of both views on a product before splashing their cash! If you've tried this before then I would love to know your views on this too! 


  1. Don't worry, I hated this too! It's terrible.

    Romany x


  2. I hated it as well!!! xx


  3. I use it and it did wonders for the condition of my hair, maybe it's better suited for treated hair that's used bleach! xx


  4. I have heard this is good, but a few people are saying its not that great, i think ill give it a miss


  5. I think this is such an over hyped product. I noticed no difference whatsoever... it's an expensive product, and none of my friends liked it either xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I have to say I agree, I didn't notice any difference to my hair. I prefer the Philip Kingsly Elasticiser, it may be a lot more money but it is worth it :)

  7. I didn't think this stuff did a thing, so disappointing! x


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    Great review by the way. I remember using this same hair oil years ago when I used to highlight my hair and I recall not liking it since it did almost nothing for me.

    Lipstick & Lace

  9. It's such a shame this didn't work out for you. Both my sister and I who have used bleach on our hair love it, but my younger sister, who has never coloured her hair, didn't think it was life changing. It just shows - different results for different people! You can see my review here x


  10. The hot oil treatment makes my hair so soft and shiny. The oil gets warm and regular hot water temps, so you will not burn your scalp.Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  11. I didn't like this either! I thought I was doing something wrong so this review is kind of a relief haha! xo



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