Wednesday 2 January 2013

'Goodbye 2012..' | Resolutions & Plans for 2013

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I'm a day late wishing you all this, but I was hardly up to the task of blogging yesterday - my bed was all I needed. Being ill and having a hangover isn't a very healthy combination and I just thank the world that I'm not yet a member of the full time working world and have this day to stay in bed still and can recover fully! I welcomed the new year in by celebrating in Liverpool with my friends and had one of the best nights in a really long time. It was made extra special by the fact that my boyfriend was also in Liverpool with his friends and we were coincidentally in the same place when the clock struck midnight so I managed to get a new years kiss for the first time in 3 years!
So, we wave good bye to the year of 2012 - one of the best years that our country has had for a very long time, full of celebrations and reasons to be proud. A great year for sport, the Royal Family, and our country. 2012 was dominated by our hosting of the olympic games and our amazing success within the games, earning ourselves a total 65 medals, 29 of these being gold and finishing third in the medals table. Think Mo Farah, the Brownlee brothers, Ellie Simmonds, David Weir, Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray, Chris Hoy, Tom Daley, Bradley Wiggins, do you need me to say more?? Don't forget the Queen and James Bond jumping from the sky, and the Spice Girls performing at the closing ceremony. More celebrations during the Queen's Jubilee and of course it needs to be mentioned that Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their pregnancy this year too! Aw Royal Baby on the way! It's undeniable that all of this happiness and these celebrations brought us all together with 'pride' as a uniting factor.
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In beauty terms, 2012 was the year that everybody wanted Bioderma, Revlon Lip Butters, the Naked Palette, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Origins skin care and Moroccan Oil! What will 2013 bring for us all? I have no idea, except that I know for sure I'll be picking up a few of the Rimmel Apocalips as soon as they are released at the end of January - they're set to be a huge hit.
2012 was the year that I started my blog, and although I've only properly been doing it for 5 months now I can't really imagine not having a little space to write my thoughts and rambles on anymore! I absolutely love it and I am also really grateful for all of the support and love that I have received over the past few months too. I reached the 500 follower milestone on new years eve which was an absolutely brilliant way for my blog to end it's first year and it made me so happy! Thank you to everybody that follows. I've also come across some really amazing people this year, through blogging, and it's restored my faith that not all girls are nasty bitches! How come girls who blog are so much nicer than normal girls? Everybody is just so kind and supportive of each other, encouraging and praising things that other bloggers do and it's a really great thing to see and be a part of.
On a personal level, I would say that 2012 hasn't been that special for me and there has been no stand out events of excitement, which is a shame but it did have a lot to live up with 2011 being such a good year. 2011 was the year that most of my friends turned 18 so there was lots of parties and celebrations with the novelty of 'going out' still being relatively fresh, and for the most part we were still in Sixth Form with no worries or stresses, we had our amazing girls holiday to Kavos, and first year of university began in September. So, when 2012 is compared to a year as eventful as that of course it seems a lot more tame and kind of dull! Most of my friends have settled down now with long term boyfriends and full time jobs so we're just not the party animals that we used to be ..20 going on 70! I'd still say 2012 was good for me though, because although nothing stood out as making it amazing, there was also nothing negative that stands out either. I've had no major troubles, problems or hard times this year which makes me incredibly lucky and for the most part I've been extremely happy with life.
What more is there to need when you have health, love, happiness and a roof over your head?
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2013: It's compulsary to start all new years with a positive outlook and a brand new burst of motivation to make little changes to your life and make it the best that it can possibly be, and also to make yourself the best person that you can possibly be. I started to change my outlook on life towards the end of November and stopped saying 'no' to so many things and just tried to take more advantage of opportunities that come my way. I plan on keeping up this attitude to be a little bit more adventurous and just to 'do more'.
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While browsing for motivational and inspirational images relevant to this post, I came across an adorable idea of having a jar at the beginning on the year and filling it with notes of the amazing things that have happened over 2013 and then emptying it out on new years eve to remind yourself of what's gone on throughout the year and all of the little moments of happiness that may have slipped your memory - I bet there'll be more than you think. I really want to do this, and I think I am going to find an empty jar as soon as I've posted this, but I just hope I don't fail on it by about March.
I'm not making any huge resolutions or long term plans as I'm more than content with how myself, and how my life is right now. I hope to continue smiling every day and be surrounded by my wonderful family, friends and boyfriend, stay positive and appreciate the little things in life.
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  1. Great post lovely and I totally get what you mean about bloggers being so much nicer! Like you it restored my confidence in the fact that some girls are nice and not everyone is jealous or two-faced!! I love your blog and glad you've achieved 500 followers!! You deserve it and more :)

    Lots of Love..

  2. Love that last photo! We must've started our blogs around a same time, and we basically have the same amount of followers, good luck for 2013!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. congratulations on the 500 followers! such a big achievement! im so excited to see the rimmel apocalips too :) happy new year!

  4. Im also doing a jar of good 2013 things, cant wait to see what builds up in a year!
    Hope you have a good year

  5. I love your blog hun, and this post is so lovely! I really like the idea of the Good Things jar :) I will definitely be starting one of those for myself and my other half - will definitely help to think more positively too!!
    N xoxo.

  6. Aw I really liked this post, 500 followers how good is that!
    I haven't made any resolutions either I know I wont stick to something long term like go to the gym haha.
    Also, I might do the jar thing, what a good idea, just today I was like I cannot pin point any awesome things from 2012 like everyone else!

  7. This is such a good idea, i love it!



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