Sunday 20 January 2013

Review: Soap and Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It'

Hello lovely ladies. I've been barely blogging at all this month, definitely just not been 'feeling it' and I don't know what's wrong with me? Where's the passion gone?! Even though I have a list on my phone of at least 40 things that I want to talk about I've just struggled to find the motivation to get my camera out, take snaps of a product, upload them and then string a sentence together to rave about it - serious case of writers block! And also, Twitter's been bitchy on the whole #bbloggers front recently and I've just been put off so have taken a back seat with tweeting and 'promoting' myself on there - get rid of the negativity girls it's not good for anyone! 

After spotting today that somebody else I know has started up their own blog (her blog is - take a look and go follow it, I'm sure she's going to be absolutely amazing!), it gave me a little kick up the bum to get back into it so I'm coming to you today with a review of Soap and Glory's 'Scrub Your Nose In It'.

Scrub Your Nose It In is the first of Soap and Glory's skincare that I had tried and I love it. It is available in one size only; 125ml and costs £7.50 and can be found in Boots in store and online (link). This is a multi-use product and can be used as an exfoliating scrub and also as a deep pore cleansing mask too. I use this once a week and make use of both of it's functions when I use it - first I use it as an exfoliator predominately around my nose, a little bit across my cheeks and then my chin too, I give it a good scrub and then rise it away with warm water. Then, straight afterwards I apply a fresh dollop all over my face in quite a thin layer and leave this on for a couple of minutes for the clay mask action to take place and then rinse away, scrubbing gently as I rinse to reveal fresher and glowing looking skin.

This gives the skin a mild tingle and a cooling sensation when applied and smells very minty but does not irritate at all. The exfoliating grains within this scrub as so teeny tiny they are hardly visible and are so gentle on the skin, not rough or scratchy at all but can definitely be felt and give the skin a really good scrub, clearing out your clogged up pores. I love using this as my skin always looks just that little bit brighter and smoother after use as the dead skin cells have been buffed away (nice) and all that dirt deep down in your pores has been shifted away. It's a really simple and easy product to use with only a teeny tiny amount being needed each time as just a thin layer on the skin is necessary and £7.50 is a great price for a 2-in-1 product.

One last thing, I've had my blog completely redesigned over the past few days by Becky from Beauty Becky and I love it. I just wanted a change as I was bored of looking at the same set up for the past 6 months and wanted a new colour scheme and just a bit of a freshen up really. She was so helpful and so accommodating to all of my requests; she listened to exactly what I was after and made all of the tiny adjustments that I asked for without any hassle at all!
I recommend that you all follow the link above to Becky's blog, have a read, follow her too and if you're interested in a spruce up for your design then she's one to go for!


  1. Hi Hannah, I know what you mean about writers block, i've been struggling lately. I can't say I've noticed the bitching on twitter, I tend to ignore it if I See any. I'm loving Soap & Glory at the moment I like their body buff for the bath. I like the look of this, god knows i'd love to reduce the pores on my face lol.. Thanks for a great review. xx Laura (

  2. I bought this the other day but not got round to using it as of yet. But heard so many good reviews on it. It's hard to get the motivation back on anything once you've lost it. But that being said, lovely post! :)

  3. I've been really wanting to try this - might have to purchase after my spending ban! The bitchyness on the hashtag has put me off blogging a little bit - found it a bit disheartening! Trying to disconnect and remember why I started - love of writing! ;D hope you get your writers motivation back :D xx

  4. This looks amazing, will try this one out as soon as I found it in stores where I live:P

  5. Thanks for the little mention Hannah! I love reading your posts & you have defiantly inspired me to start my own little blogging world, yet again a really fresh and well written post!

    R x

  6. Loving soap&glory atm they have some really good products :)

  7. This is a great product, really love it! :) x

  8. Really enjoy reading your posts, don't put so much pressure on yourself as I'm sure loads of others love reading them too! Look forward to the next one xx

  9. I have such bad pores, I want to try thissss!


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