Thursday 7 March 2013

Grease Lightning | Lush Skincare

You don't get spots? Ever? Not even one little one every so often? Okay, well I don't believe you. We're all human, spots happen to even the best of us ..unfortunately. It just so happens that the little buggars seem to be very fond of my face and like to make camp there quite often (sucks to be me!).
This 45g bottle from Lush has come in very handy recently and works as an exceptionally effective spot treatment. Like all Lush products it contains a very intruiging concoction of natural ingredients, just a couple of the components of this one include: tea trea, witch hazel, aloe vera, and seawater - all antibaterials and antiseptics that work together and create visible results quickly.
What Lush says:

"This product goes on invisibly, whilst the ingredients set to work on your spot to help stop it in its tracks.The seaweed gel will make sure that the skin around your spot isn’t disrupted too much, so that when the spot starts to retreat, you won't be left with a damaged circle of dry skin"
Named 'Grease Lightning' because it works at super speed, this works great as an over night treatment and 9 times out of 10 in the morning I've found a spot to be dramatically reduced in size and redness and by the 2nd day it is more or less gone. The reason I say it works best as an 'over night' treatment is because of the one issue I have with this product and that is that although it is a clear gel when it comes out of the pump (and Lush themselves claim that it is 'invisible'), after it has dried onto the skin it is not completely transparent and does dry as a slightly visible film over the applied area. It is also not great to use underneath make-up either as it can create a kind of 'flake' over the skin (the product is a 'flake', not your skin) as it doesn't sink in.
Just because it doesn't make such an effective day time treatment doesn't mean that it can't work wonders over night when nobody can see your face though! I simply apply it to a spot before bed and then wash it away in the morning and find that my spot has shrunk down and is on it's way out of the door, thank goodness! It doesn't dry the skin out or have any other adverse effects on the area, simply fights the spot and leaves the rest of the skin in peace. Before using this treatment I would use just tea tree oil on it's own, but this is like 'tea tree oil ..and friends', so it has more intense and effective results for a very similar price to a bottle of tea tree oil - plus this doesn't have any strong or overpowering fragrances either.
If you're interested then you can buy it online from Lush here: link, or can purchase it instore too.
Price: £5.95/45g.


  1. I've never used any skin products from Lush before but I'll have to try this one out - I like using over night spot treatments so definitely sounds interesting and all the ingredients are good for skin! Emma xx

  2. I have heard so many good things about this product,I think I am going to try it now..thanks for the review :)

  3. I actually tend to use this all over my face as my skin is extremely oily so there is no flaking for me. It leaves my skin really smooth and clean feeling :) havent used in on individual spots yet x

  4. This sounds really good I never use anything else out from Lush other than the bathbombs but I think I'll pick this up next time! I'm a new follower:)

  5. I've been searching for a good spot treatment and at that price this sounds great! I'll have to pick a bottle up xx

  6. Oh I would love to try this for me, looks so great!

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    xoxo <3

  7. This sounds great, fab review! I always use spot treatments overnight as I've never found one that doesn't leave that 'film'! Loved what you wrote at the beginning, so true that everyone gets spots it makes me laugh when they can't admit it haha! xo

  8. I pretty much only think of Lush as "that store that smells good when I walk by it". I think I should start taking it seriously that they have some great products to offer too!

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  9. This sounds great, I loved you review of this! This will definitely be my next Lush purchase, my skin has been acting up lately. :( Thanks for sharing! xx

  10. Will be picking this up next time I'm around a lush, great review :) x

  11. I picked this up the other day & so far I'm loving it!! xx

  12. I've literally just scheduled a post including this product and how I lust over it. I didn't actually know Lush had a spot treatment until a few days ago and when I found out I got super excited.

    Unfortunately for me I've banned myself from the Lush website (as it's too harmful to my purse) and the nearest store is three hours away. I guess I'll just have to wait until the Easter break ;)


  13. That sounds amazing and almost too good to be true! I actually wanted to give the Origins spot treatment a go but seeing as the Lush one is half the price I might give this a go! xx

  14. Cool name. Lush always has creative names.

    I do get spots. They are more visible with age. This product looks nice.

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