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Monthly Favourites | March

Hey girls, it's that time of the month again ...Favourites! I love doing favourite posts, I think they're my number one favourite type of post to do as I love sitting and thinking about what I've enjoyed using recently and what has stood out to me and deserves a little bit of extra limelight. Typically, my post this month contains a couple of bits from Soap and Glory (what can I say, I'm a woman obsessed!), and also unintentionally it also contains no less than three 'scrubs'; one for face, for body and one for lips. Well, a girl's gotta scrub!

Let's get started...

Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Sugar Crush Body Wash
These two go hand in hand; can't be having one without the other! I've done full reviews on both of these already which you will be able to find here: Scrub [link] and Wash [link], and if that's not enough loving for them I also featured them in yesterday's pamper post here. My two absolute favourite shower / bath products that smell amazing - sweet from the brown sugar with a hit of zest from the lime, mmm! Forever loving Soap and Glory.

St Ives Apricot Face Scrub
I've been underestimating how important a good quality exfoliator is in a skincare routine and have recently invested in the 'Modern Friction' exfoliator from Origins to replace this one. I still wanted to include the St Ives one in this post though because I've been using it for the best part of March and, for the price, it works exceptionally well and is a great product to have sitting in the back of a bathroom stash for those times when you just need a really good scrub up.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
My full review of this product can be found here and I've been loving using this as a base to my make-up as it creates a tightening effect over the skin that helps to blur out any imperfections, which is brilliant for someone with lots of yucky scars that are difficult to cover. It's a great primer and helps make up to apply more smoothly and last all day. It can also be used as a mask but I don't use it for that function very often. 

Alpha H Liquid Gold (sample)*
Earlier in the month I was lucky enough to receive a couple of sample products from Alpha H, including their infamous 'Liquid Gold' solution. Liquid Gold is a concentrated chemical formula that resurfaces the skin overnight. It works really well on blemishes and acne scarring; it basically gives you 'new skin' and takes effect after just one use! I'm all out of my sample now but it lasted a few weeks and made a noticable difference to my skin, an impressively noticable difference. So I am going to purchase a full size bottle of this and do a full review in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

If you've not yet tried, or at least heard of, this product then I'm wondering where you've been hiding?! Everyone is loving these! A natural lip scrub from Lush that is made of more or less just castor sugar and jojoba oil with a little bit of flavouring, this is great for dry lips in the winter (it may as well still be winter at the moment) to buff away any dry skin, or for any lips at all to use as preparation for a matte lipstick to minimise any telltale imperfections that show up with matte lippies!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick Shade #17
Purchased on a bit of a whim when I was having a down day and wanted something new in my life I bought this lipstick from Bourjois' new line that seems to be on blogs everywhere at the moment, and if you would like to see another post with some more detail and more shades then I'd take a browse over to Beth's post here. Shade #17 (it doesn't have a name) is a really natural and wearable pink shade that is just perfect for everyday wear and has been my 'go to' since I bought it as it seems to go with everything. The block on the bottom shows the shade so it's easy to pick out what colour you're searching for if you own a large collection of lipsticks and the formula is really pigmented, creamy and long lasting.

Topshop 'Green Room' Nail Varnish
I'm a biig fan on Topshop's make-up line, in particular their nail varnishes. I think that the colour range is never ending, the packaging is adorable and the quality of the formula is pretty much unbeatable for the price. This lovely green shade was a present from my boyfriend and he chose well! This colour with a tan is aaabsolutely amazing! I've been wearing it on my toes for a few weeks and it just looks so pretty. Perfect summer colour! 

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Varnish Remover
This little bottle of wonder has been around for a while, it's nothing new, and most people fell in love with it and regarded it as a new 'essential' way back in summer 2012. I appear to be a little bit late to this party. I paint my nails about twice a week (or as soon as I've got more than just minor chips) and that removal process really does become a chore when it's that often. It's all a bit of a faff getting 10 bits of cotton wool, fluff sticking to everything, pouring out nail varnish remover, spilling it on your mum's new furniture (definitely did not happen..), and then individually rubbing at each finger. Even though I was skeptical at first, this little miracle worker really does save a lot of time and hassle. Unscrew the lid, stick finger in, twist, remove, finger all clean! It could not be simpler. £4.99 is quite a lot more expensive than your standard bottle of £1 remover, but I'm happy to pay that much extra because of the amount of time and effort that it saves. Plus it leaves your fingers with a scent of 'red berry' afterwards - it's yummy!

Thanks for reading! What have you been loving this month?


  1. I have a couple of crossovers with this list - I got the Bourjois nail polish remover yesterday and I love it already! Have a feeling it's going to become one of those "how did I ever live without it" products...

    I also have the Lush popcorn lip scrub and I'm a bit obsessed, it has salt in as well as sugar, so it's gorgeous. After I saw your rave reviews I just had to sniff the soap and glory scrub in Boots yesterday, and it's now definitely on my to-buy list!

    Your posts are really useful, thanks for all the info :-)

    Sarah x

  2. I love topshop nail polishes, they're such good quality x

  3. I have the suga crush body wash and I also a big fan! The topshop nail varnish looks lovely deifinitely want to try it! xxx

  4. Been loving Sugar Crush Body Scrub, defo need to try the body wash xo

  5. Love the Sugar Crush range from Soap&Glory and the bubblegum lip scrub is lovely too :)

  6. I love the lush bubblegum lip scrub! Smells delicious too xxx

  7. Sugar Crush was in my favourites this month too - it's so yummy :)

    That Topshop nail polish is lovely x

  8. Wow I wasn't sure whether to get Green Room as it looked like a dupe of Barry M's GreenBerry but now I think I will!

    PS you're my March blogger of the month (the post will be up soon) :)

    Romany xx

  9. I love some good ol' Soap & Glory. I was just oogling over all of their products in Sephora yesterday. Wish they'd bring Sugar Crush to the US though. Seems to be a fave of most bloggers. Can't wait to pick up some topshop goodies when I go on Tuesday. My 1st time ever, eeeeep! xx

  10. Ive been loving a good exfoliator too this month!! i love the look of alpha h liquid gold i need to try it out. I have such bad skin lately :( Always look forward to your posts lovely :)

    Love Emily xx

  11. I love the St. Ive's scrub. Been using it for years. Now I use the Anti-Aging kind. (lol) It works just as well.
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  12. I love the lush lip scrubs! The Topshop nail polish is so pretty!

  13. Your boyfriend did good that nail polish colour is gorgeous :)

  14. I also love the S&G sugar crush body scrub and I agree, the smell is just yummy. I have not tried the body wash though but it looks just as gorge. I need that topshop nail polish in my life, your boyfriend did well.

  15. The lip scrub is my favourite too, although I prefer the mint one as it leaves your lips tingly! I definitely need to try the sugar crush scrub!xx

  16. Love those soap and glory products, they can do no wrong in my eyes :) Really want to try the Lush lip scrub and the topshop nail polish looks like such a pretty colour!
    Love Holly x

  17. I adore most of these, especially the lipstick in that shade! i'm obsessed with it! x

  18. We have a couple of the same faves this month! Great minds ;) xx

  19. I love Topshop nail polish's too! I have green room and it's such a pretty colour! Their selection of shades is crazy



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