Thursday 28 March 2013

Review: Soap and Glory 'Glad Hair Day' Range

I've mentioned these products before in passing and just said that I really like them, but I thought they deserved a little more praise now that I am formally obsessed with them. The 'Glad Hair Day' range from Soap and Glory consists of three products: shampoo, conditioner (regular), and intense conditioner. These 250ml tubes costs £5.50 a piece, and I bought mine on a '3 for 2' deal (Soap and Glory are great like that), meaning that I got the full set for £11 - not bad, not bad.

Oops, I made such a cock-up with the picture above: "Give your moody hair the heave-ho.." - It should say 'mane' Hannah, not 'hair'! Can't you read? Silly moose. Anyway, onto the Glad Hair Day shampoo. Since this has a 'no build up' formula it's supposed to give the hair amazing shine and be suitable to wash your hair with everyday. I don't wash my hair daily, but I have found this to be the perfect shampoo for what I can call 'everyday use', i.e. in my eyes this is for the washes where you don't want anything special; you don't want it super clarified and squeaking clean right down to the core, you don't want it super strengthened, smoothed or frizz free with an intense formulation, you just want it freshened up. Ideal for those times when I'm not going anywhere special and my hair doesn't need to look amazing; it's probably going to be thrown into a messy bun until the next time I wash it so I just want any excess oil shifting from my head (tehe, yummy). You might wonder why I love it then if it's nothing special? But it's the whole packaging with it's vintage style images and quirky slogans that easily please me, and then the amaazing fruity fragrance (heavily raspberry based) that fills the room and lingers on the hair makes it super yummy. A little blob goes a long way because it lathers up well and can keep my hair clean for around 4 days.

Now, I don't think much to the regular conditioner and don't think it's that great at all but that's probably because it's targeted towards finer hair types and I've got a big, thick frizzy mane that could never be described as fine. But if I use the intensive conditioner (aimed at those with thicker hair) with every wash then that becomes a bit too much and my hair can be overloaded. That's why it works ideal to have both of them and use them alternatively on each wash to create the right balance, and another way that I sometimes use them is a blob of the regular, a blob of the intensive and mix them both together in my hands before applying to my hair and that ends up working out perfectly! Soap and Glory needs to come up with a middle of the road formula.

The times when I use the intensive conditioner, though, is when my hair feels at its best and this is one that I know I will 100% use again and use as a weekly treatment for my hair as it leaves it in the smoothest and softest conditioner ever; not bad for a high street conditioner!

So, I may not have made this set sound all that special but the intensive conditioner is the absolutely star of the show with this range and the one that I would hands down recommend. If your hair is thicker or more damaged than mine then it may be suitable to use as a regular shampoo, but if your hair is like mine (or finer) then it makes a great occasional treatment to really work at smoothing and strengthening the hair!

Another win for Soap and Glory!


  1. I really love Soap and Glory's hair products. Their shampoo is one of my favourites and smells amazing! I definitely think they are overlooked but I really like them.
    Sarah xoxo | Beeauty Geek

  2. never thought to try their hair products but I really must some day! x

  3. These sound like good products, seems like Soap & Glory can do no wrong! xo

  4. I am the same regarding the regular conditioner. It did absolutely nothing to my hair and made it feel really straw like. Shampoo was a dream though :)
    They also smell amazing!


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