Monday 18 March 2013

My 'Perfect Face' Wishlist | High End Make-Up

Aloha. I tried to make this wishlist using Beauty Sets originally as it seemed to be a really popular tool a little while back, but I just couldn't seem to find my way around it and make it work for me, so I've resorted back to trusty old Polyvore as my collage maker.

This is what I would call my 'perfect face' wishlist, as it is a compilation of all the make-up items that I wish I could afford and that I feel would be everything you need to look amazing. If I sold 10x more Avon products than I do now then I would definitely be working my way through ticking off everything on this collage but for now, it stays as a 'wishlist'. Boo. :(

I know it's a little bit fuzzy so I'll just run you through what's on here, starting with the base (of the face) and working through: I have a selection of three primers on here, just because I couldn't choose and they are the Smashbox 'Photo Finish', Clarins 'Instant Smooth', and Laura Mercier 'Foundation Primer'. My two foundations of choice are Nars 'Sheer Glow' and YSL 'La Teinte Touche Eclat', however Laura Mercier 'Silk Creme' would have been on there if I could find an image for it! For powder I have chosen bog standard Mac MSF in Light - powder isn't a product I tend to lust over. For concealer I have my sights set on Benefit's new release: Fake Up, and that orangey looking pan beneath it is the Bobbi Brown Corrector (I would need a lighter shade than the one shown). Moving across to eyes, what else could I choose other than the Urban Decay Naked Palette? And with a Naked Palette must come an eye primer too of course. Bang in the middle we have lip products of choice: YSL Rouge Volupte in shade #8 Fetish Pink, and Nars lipstick in Niagara - ahhh I want this so badly! Okay, back to some more for the eyes keeping it pretty simple: Bobbi Brown gel liner and YSL Shocking mascara. Finally on the bottom row: Chanel Tan de Soleil bronzing base (yes please!), Dior blush palette and Nars Albatross highlighter. Phew, not asking for much then? 

I just roughly added up the cost of everything on this collage and it totals approximately £450.
So, yeah, keep dreaming Hannah.


  1. Such a good wish list :) I love Nars products and I love the Urban Decay Naked Palette as well. x

  2. I want all of these products too ha. Especially the lipsticks and the foundations. I have tried the YSL false lash shocking mascara though and I wasn't really fond of it, it made my lashes too wet and clumpy. But the original YSL false lash effect is my all time favourite mascara! I reviewed it on my blog not long ago actually.
    Holly xo

  3. I want most of those too! I can deffo recommend the laura mercier primer it's so good and lasts forever, so worth the money! Xo

  4. I need Nars sheer glow in my life, especially as spring is on its way and im on the lookout for a lighter coverage, great post!

  5. I want so many of these too so I totally feel your pain! I've only tried the Clarins Instant Smooth which is amazing if you have visable pores (which I do) and the YSL foundation is amazing (sorry to your bank balance!) x

  6. I love making wish lists like these. It kinda gives you a focus for things to aim for with you salary etc :) I too would love loads of this list.. Especially the primers & the gel liner xx


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