Sunday 12 August 2012

Beauty Shop in ASDA | Haul

I quite often find that the larger supermarket chains and stores are an excellent place to find well known brands at slightly cheaper prices, and I'm not just talking about food! This also includes skin care, hair care and make-up. Depending on how large the store is will depend on how extensive their range of brands is, for example, my local ASDA is pretty big but only stocks its own range: George, and also Maybelline and MaxFactor in terms of make-up, and that's as far as it goes. Whereas if I visited an ASDA in a city, such as Manchester, it is likely that its range of brands would be much wider.
I popped into my local ASDA yesterday to pick up some bits and bobs to make a special tea with (duck breast and crème brûlée anyone?!) and took a little wander into their cosmetics aisles as I knew I needed some hair dye, and typically I threw a few extra things into my basket that were more than just hair dye.

Hair Dye

Clairol Perfect 10 Nice'n Easy - This is the hair dye that I picked up and it's one that I have never used before because in the past I've always been dying my hair either red or purple and for that I've used the Live XXL range. But now my hair is ombré and needs re-doing slightly (the brown was dyed over blonde so has faded quite a bit) and I was looking for a nice and rich chocolate brown and this one works in just 10 minutes. This was £5.00 and is a permanent dye in the shade 'Medium Golden Brown'.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Dove Volume Boost Shampoo - This shampoo claims to 'help repair the surface of fine hair to improve volume'. I don't have fine hair by any means, my hair is actually ridiculously thick, but I really like the Dove range and have tried their intensive conditioning treatments which work a treat so thought I would give this one a go. It also promises to nourish dry and flat hair which is just what I need really.
Dove Pro-Age Conditioner - When I stayed at my boyfriend's house a few nights ago I told him that needed to wash my hair, but being a male he doesn't actually own any conditioner and I don't like washing without conditioning so I asked him if there would be any I could borrow from his mum or sister. He wandered off and returned from his venture with this conditioner in hand but said 'I think it's only for old people because it says 'pro age' on it so I don't know if you can use it'. Cutie! This conditioner claims it will revive fullness and strength with its lightweight formula and restore strength and volume without weighing it down. And boyyy did this conditioner live up to its promises! With just one use my hair was noticeably more volumised (is that a word?) and silky soft to the touch. I let it dry naturally and it brought out my natural waves with an extra added bounce. I was so, so impressed with this conditioner after just one use that I couldn't resist throwing it into my basket in ASDA. I nearly even bought two! 
These cost £2.38 each for a 250ml (shampoo) and 200ml (conditioner) bottle.

Cotton Wool Pads

SkinSystem Cotton Wool Pads - Okay, how much can really be said about these? They're cotton wool pads, every one has them, every one needs them, they're cheap as chips and have a multitude of uses. These ones cost £1.00 for 100 pads.

Face Mask

Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask - I'm a little bit face mask crazy at the moment (keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Manchester haul where I stocked up on lots and lots of face masks!) and this was just £1.06 for two sachets (2x6ml) of face mask. I've used products from Garnier's skin care range before and was impressed so I'm looking forward to trying out this mask as it claims to keep skin feeling purified for up to 7 days, and even better is that it's a self-heating mask which I love - I think it's such a weird sensation when it warms and tingles on your face as you put it on.

Dry Shampoo

TRESemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo - One of the weirdest concepts I've ever tried out on my hair. It pumps out as a mouse and you have to rub it into the roots of your hair but doing this always makes me think of when I was in school and my way to get volume was to scrunch mouse across the top of my head and let it dry all hard and crispy - yuck! I was scared the first time that I used this incase it did actually dry hard and crispy, but thank fully it didn't. Tresemme suggests two ways of using this, one is to blast your hair off with a hairdryer after applying, one the other to let your hair dry naturally as it does leave your hair a bit wet after you put it on. I tried out both ways and both times my hair dried without a trace of product, no trace of oiliness or greasiness and also felt quite moisturised. A strange, but impressive product. This costs £4.79 in Boots but I paid £2.19 for it in ASDA - amazing. 

Have you ever picked up any fantastic beauty finds in a supermarket?

Not from ASDA:

Photo Frame

Rectangle Collage Photo Frame - This isn't a beauty buy and neither is it from ASDA, but I wanted to share it with you all and it wasn't worth a post on it's own, but it's just a photoframe that I picked up from Next when I was with my mum. My mum was looking for a wedding present for somebody that she used to go to university with and she picked out a similar photoframe but in the shape of a heart, not a rectangle. When I saw the rectangle one next to it I wanted it for myself to go above my bed and I plan on filling it with all of my favourite pictures of me and the girls, and me and my boyfriend. This will be my plan for the next time I'm off work on a rainy day! The frame holds 22 2x3 sized photographs, which is smaller than the standard size photo but I would rather have lots of mini sized photos than half as many but in the larger 4x6 size. This frame cost £16.00 and the heart shaped one costs £14.00



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