Friday 17 August 2012

(2-in-1 Post) eBay Bargain: Shamballa Bracelet and Topshop Nails 'War Paint'

Hello, I've got 2 mini posts wrapped up in 1 for you all today.

eBay Bargain: Grey Shamballa Style Bracelet
These Shamballa bracelets have been rocking around on people's wrists for quite a long time now and I've been lusting after one for months but have always been a bit confused why some of these bracelets retail for up to £150, i.e. the Tresor Paris ones, and some are selling in other good quality jewellery retailers 'on sale' for around £20-30. It wasn't until somebody explained to me that the 'original' shamballa bracelets are the Tresor Paris ones that are the extortionate price and the others are just 'shamballa style', not exactly rip offs, just cheaper imitations but are still legitimate. My bracelet, however, is from eBay and cost me just £4.99 with free p&p! It ticks all the boxes for the 'real' bracelets; it has 9 balls, it is heavy, and the end balls are even magnetic - something that I did not expect from just a cheap knock off. If you hadn't have read this blog post then you would never have known how much this cost me. The only thing about this that is probably different from the Tresor Paris bracelets is the level of sparkle, as my bracelet isn't incredibly sparkly. I will link the seller I bought mine from here: link. There is a range of different colours to choose from and this arrived super quick. Definitely recommend. 

Topshop Nail Varnish 'War Paint'
I absolutely love, love, LOVE Topshop's Nail Varnishes.. I want them all! I cannot sing their praises enough and at just £5 (£4.50 if you get student discount like me) each they are a bargain too. I am willing to pay more than this for a good quality nail varnish as OPI and Essie are amongst my favourite brands, but Topshop more than meets their standards. The pigmentation is great, I got full coverage from just one coat (but put on two just out of habit), it applies smoothly and evenly, the colour choice is amazing; ranging from the prettiest of pastels to the most dazzling of brights with the occasional special editions being brought out along with the glitter and metallic colours too. Plus, I've had this polish on for four days now; 2 of these days I was at work and I had one night out before I took these pictures and you can see how minimal the chipping is on them. Other polishes I've had from Topshop have been the same great quality so I'll definitely keep going back for more. I love the shade of 'War Paint' it's a really bright pinky-red with the slightest of hints of neon to it too. Great for summer and looks fab with a tan.


  1. I really want to try the Topshop nail polishes :) Looovely colour !

    sophierosehearts x

  2. really want one of those bracelets without the ridiculous price tag! going to definitely get one from that ebay link now, they sound great! x

  3. Wow im defo checking out that ebay link!
    I'm so glad i found your blog its right up my street!

  4. I absolutely love your bracelet!

  5. I wish top shop was in Australia! I am mesmerised by your boarder, how did you do it?!
    I am a new subscriber, I would love it if you could take a look at my blog :)

  6. Love the nail colour!
    If you want check out my blog and if you like it follow me on GFC and Bloglovin, I always follow back.

  7. Love the nail varnish colour, and the name haha 'war paint', so good. Topper's nail varnish packaging is so lovely too, with the cute lid!xx

  8. In this world if one want to look cool and trendy then they must wear an unique bracelet which is so stylish and attractive....isn't it true?


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