Monday 13 August 2012

Wedding | OOTN

I don't know about you but the weather for us on Friday was aaabsolutely gorgeous. It was one of the hottest days that we've had for weeks months and there was not a cloud in the sky - An absolutely perfect day for a wedding.
Me and my friends had been invited to the night do of the wedding of one of our friends mums. Is that a mouthful of a sentence or what? I couldn't figure out how to word that better! Basically my friends mum was getting married. It was a lovely evening, the bride (and of course her bridesmaid daughter) looked beautiful and her huge smile never left her face. I absolutely love weddings and can't wait until a few years from now when my own friends start tying the knot! Happiness just seems to fill the room, everyone gets dressed up to the nines, drinks are in full flow and then the 'dad dancing' comes out, something that we saw our fair share of last night. Even ended up with two dads having a 'Top Gun' style dance off in the middle of the dance floor!
We'd known about it for months and months and that's also how long I'd had my outfit planned for. I'd had this maxi dress sitting in my wardrobe for a long, long time with no occasion at all to wear it for as I'd bought it because it was pretty, not because I needed it. Even though the weather was super hot and a shorter, lighter coloured dress could have been more appropriate I really needed to get a wear out of this dress; even if it was just for a couple of hours in one night then it would mean it wasn't a waste of time and wardrobe space buying it!

I do absolutely love the dress and the illusion of a slimmer body shape that it gives because of the black paneling. Wait for the good part: I bought it from...... ASDA. For just £18! Everyone seemed so shocked when I revealed where my dress was from but honestly George has got some pretty trendy clothes in recently. (Did I just say 'trendy'? Yeah.) It's a very flattering style and a lovely soft jersey material, doesn't feel cheap at all. Because of the bright and bold design down the front panel I decided to keep accessories to a minimum and teamed the dress with just a simple gold bow bracelet from Miss Selfridge, a clutch bag from ASOS, and white sandals from New Look. Also, my nails are 'War Paint' from Topshop - a recent purchase that will feature in a haul and a NOTD coming soon.



  1. i need to take a look in asda more often! this dress looks lovely, and gives you a really nice figure.
    take a look at my blog please,

  2. That dress looks amazing! Can't believe it's from ASDA - what a steal!

  3. Love that dress would never think it was from ASDA!

    lovely blog new follower xxx


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