Tuesday 28 August 2012

Monthly Empties & Favourites | August

I didn't have enough things to show you all to make these two blogger traditions into two separate posts, so I have combined both my 'August Empties' and my 'August Favourites' into the same post.

This is the first time I have done one of these posts but they are always my favourite ones to read. If you are unfamiliar with the concept then 'empties' posts are written showing products that have been used up during the month and the blogger will give their full thoughts on the product, often stating whether or not they would repurchase - these tend to be better than your typical product reviews because you know that the blogger has actually used the product up 100%, not just used it once or twice, so they can share what the full benefits are and how effective the product really is with continued use. 'Favourites' posts is quite self explanatory really; the blogger will share with their readers which products they have recently been loving and why. This could be quite a lengthy post so I'll try to keep it brief!

August Empties
- Lush Fresh Face Mask - Cupcake
This was the first of Lush's fresh face masks that I have tried and I will definitely be going back for more as I thoroughly enjoyed using this. The only problem with them is that as they contain fresh ingredients they have a 'use by date' of around 3 weeks so you don't have that much time to use it all up. I applied this mask generously and fairly frequently too and only just used it up within 3 weeks. Lovely and refreshing and absolutely gorgeous smell too - so chocolate-y!

- Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask
This is the 2nd tub of this mask I have finished and have recently stocked up on 3 more too (Lee Stafford products are currently 3 for £12 in Boots). I feel it's a little bit false advertising because it doesn't technically make your hair grow any longer or increase the speed of growth; what it does do is improve the quality of your roots and hair follicles, making it grow better as opposed to faster. Using this my hair is definitely healthier and stronger and this a mask I'm sure I'll continue to repurchase.

- Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask
This was a freebie in Glamour magazine quite a few months ago but it's just something I haven't got round to using that much as it is a mask that needs leaving on for a minimum of 10 minutes, so you need to be chilling in the bath really, and I'm not much of a 'bath person'. I can't say that I noticed a drastic improvement to the condition and the hydration of my hair, but it did leave my hair (and the bathroom) smelling so strongly of marshmallows long into the day after washing. Depending on whether or not such a sweet scent is up your street then this may not be for you as it very strong. The magazine this was a freebie in costs just £2, but the price of this mask normally is £20.00 for 175ml which I think is incredibly expensive for a mask that didn't really benefit my hair. 

- Right Guard Deodorant
Okay, deodorant, what can I say? I'm not loyal to any particular brand at all, I just pick up whatever's cheapest/on offer/has the most eye-catching packaging and this is just one that my mum picked up for me when I ran out. It did the job, it was okay, but probably won't repurchase.

- The Body Shop Wild Cherry Shower Gel
I can't complain about getting this little shower gel for just £1 in one of The Body Shop's sales. Like all of The Body Shop products it smells gorgeous and I don't suppose there's much more detail you can go into about a shower gel. It kept me clean and fresh and I'd definitely buy shower gel from The Body Shop again but maybe experiment with a different ..flavour? scent? what do you call it?! *mind blank*

August Favourites
- Lush Face Mask - Mask of Magnaminty
I picked this up at the same time I got 'Cupcake' but as this one is not 'fresh' it did not need to be used within the 3 week period. It does however still have a use by date which is not until the end of October. This has fast become one of my favourite skin care products and I will definitely be repurchasing. At £4.95 for 125g of product I think it's very good value for money and it seems to be lasting me forever! I use this when I have a break out and the peppermint-y mask dries up the area and definitely calms it down. Once it has been left on for 10 minutes and the clay has dried then you can splash your face with water and it turns into a gentle scrub with small grains. Rub it around your face and rinse off and skin looks instantly refreshed and calmed. 

- Redken Color Extend Radiant-10 
I received this inside my August SheSaid Beauty Box and it was something I lovely straight away after the first use. It's nearly all finished now and I will definitely be getting myself the full size bottle soon. This is a multi-benefit leave in spray treatment for coloured hair. Can be used on damp or dry hair and claims to have as many as 10 benefits for the hair, including detangling, softening, nourishing dry ends and infusing shine. At £16.99 for 170ml this is a must-have product!

- Jemma Kidd Semi-Permanent Lash Tint
This is not your typical mascara, although I did think it was before I actually read with the tube said! This was something that my Nanna passed down to me after she found it wasn't for her and thought it would be something more up my street. It does slightly lengthen lashes, but nothing drastic and it doesn't add any volume, but it does tint them fantastically well. The shape of the wand makes it possible to coat every single lash, even the little ones, and it is extremely waterproof and long lasting. This is a great summer product to make eyelashes look natural but beautifully dark without layers of clumpy mascara and it helps them to stand out if you have fair lashes. 

- Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
My mum got me this mascara for Christmas so that means it has been sitting around in my make-up drawer for many many months now before I have discovered it's wonders and properly fallen IN LOVE. I want to do a full review on this product showing 'before' and 'after' products of with and without this mascara on. The amount that it both lengthens and volumises the lashes is quite astonishing and I have never used a mascara so amazing. It also claims to have growth properties that help your natural lashes to grow both longer and fuller. I wonder if this will be my holy grail mascara?! 

- The Vintage Cosmetics Eyelash Curler
I got these curlers inside my July SheSaid Beauty Box and I wasn't overly thrilled with them but now they have become and every day essential in my make-up routine and I'm wondering how I ever went for so long without bothering to use eyelash curlers! I don't know if it's this brand specifically or just curlers in general but they open the eyes up so dramatically and really enhance your lashes, even without any mascara applied on top.


  1. That Lee Stafford mask sounds great :) ooh a lash tint too, i really must try that!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  2. I use the Lee Stafford mask too and found the same as you!


  3. where can i get the lash tint? any ideas? sounds perfect for work



  4. @NatalieI think QVC is where my nanna ordered it from :) x

  5. @Hannah

    thanks so much!!
    ill be having a hunt on there site now :)

  6. I love Body Shop Shower Gels, I go through them so quickly. Love this post and love your blog, I'm your newest follower x


  7. Really fantastic blog and post! I've been wanting to try out the body shop shower gels for a while now and I think you've pushed me over the edge :P became your latest follower!


  8. Cupcake is my all-time favourite mask. I'm currently trying Love Lettuce which isn't quite the same. Will defy go back for Cupcake. Was looking at the Mask of Magnaminty last time I was in so might give that a try too.

    Morag x


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