Thursday 16 August 2012

Own The Runway | Disco Pants Dupe

I've been lusting after a pair of the pair of American Apparel Disco Pants (link) for such a long time, but it really is such a lot of money for something that is essentially a pair of leggings. If any of you also follow LLYMLRS's Fashion and Style blog you will know that she has done quite a few posts on dupes of the AA Disco Pants (if you've not seen already then check them out). She has compared the River Island, Glamorous and Own The Runway versions to the original ones and from what she had written the Glamorous sound most similar to the originals, but I wanted a black pair and these were all out of stock. So I settled for option #2 - Own The Runway (link). 

This was the first time I had ordered anything from Own The Runway and was impressed with how quickly my order took to arrive and also the price too, but the quality was a little bit off on one of purchases. I ordered two things, one of them being the black disco pants dupes, and the other being a white shirt to go with them. I don't have any photographs of me actually wearing the white shirt because I have now sent it back - was not keen at all. The material of it felt really stiff and cheap so did not hang nicely, the 'metal tipped collars' were horrifically cheap plastic, both to look at and to feel, plus there were also multiple loose threads coming from the shirt in different places which I know isn't a massive problem but the shirt wasn't how I expected it to be and I wouldn't wear it.

As I don't personally own the original AA disco pants then it's quite difficult for me to give my own comparison of them but I am really impressed with these ones and it was £26 well spent. They're super suck-y in-y (not a real phrase, i know) and a very flattering fit. The weather is a bit too hot to be wearing them at the moment as I did start to feel a bit hot and sticky while trying them on them the other day as they're super skin tight, but I think I'll get a lot more wear out of them when autumn and the cooler weather comes around.

On the first picture of the disco pants you can see that because these are so tight it means that knickers are actually visible underneath (its what the ridge is incase you couldn't tell), and nobody wants a VPL! So I'm going to have to hunt myself down some invisible underwear! Also, yes the middle picture is a picture of my backside, I just wanted to show how they fit at the back.

Metal Tipped Collar Sleeveless Shirt in White - £18.99 link
Shiny Disco Pants in Black - £25.99 link

Standard delivery costs £2.99 and if you 'like' them on Facebook you can also receive 10% off your order. 

What do you think of these disco pants?
Would you prefer to have the ultimate American Apparel pair, or would you settle for some cheaper dupes?


  1. I really like them! I see what you mean about VPL though! you may have to go commando! lol xx

  2. Oh wow perfect ive been hunting down some perfect dupes!!



  3. Hello my lovely! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog if you want to check it out :) lovely post! xx

  4. Love that shirt soooooo much, amazing!!

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