Saturday 8 September 2012

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm @

Hello ladies, today's post is just a little bit of a call for help and advice really. Well, more of a reassurance of reliability actually! And it could also potentially be a tip to a huge discounted product for you all too. I've been looking into buying the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as I have heard endless fabulous reviews on it and I feel as though it is a product that I need in my life, despite the high price tag.

The Clarins website (here) and also the Boots website (here) are selling the Beauty Flash Balm for full whack at £28.00 for 50ml, but these are both trusted and reliable websites that I would have no worries in ordering from (I'm very sceptical of dodgy sites after ordering from a fake A&F site and losing a lot of money in the past!)
Then I spotted the Feel Unique site (here) selling the same 50ml bottle for 15% off the RRP for £23.50.  I love Feel Unique, it's a trusted site that I have ordered from many times before and with free delivery too this seems like a winning site to purchase the balm from. 
BUT THEN, underneath that I spotted a site called, a site that I have never before heard of but looks like it is full of bargains! They are advertising the same 50ml of Beauty Flash Balm for a huge 36% discount of the RRP at just £17.95! (here). I've checked and double checked and it is exactly the same product for exactly the same size, with free delivery too! I feel like this is just something that is too good to be true?! So, what I'm asking is for somebody to reassure me that they have ordered from this 'Cheap Smells' site before and their item was full legitimate and not some kind of dodgy fake! I'm always suspicious of places that can sell things at such a huge discount as I'm never quite sure how it works and how they get away with it?!
Thanks Girls!


  1. Hey ! Just to reassure you it is genuine as I purchased it on the same deal and I've been using Clarins Flash Balm in the past :) The only thing is you wil get the slightly older packaging but it's the same product!

    Hope this helps! :)

  2. @RebeccaHiya, that is REALLY helpful thank you!! I'm not fussed about older packaging so I think I'll get ordering some of this ASAP. Thank you for your help lovely :) x

  3. Ooo this is such a good tip! I've been dying to try this!
    Thanks for the advice hun :)


  4. Wow bargain price, great tip :0

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. Sounds like I'll have to check this one out! Great post girlie! x x

    Lady Million

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