Friday 28 September 2012

Monthly Favourites | September

I won't be the first to say this, and I won't be the last.. Where has this month gone? Where has this year gone? How is it that summer came and went in the blink of an eye then September rolled around and now that too is over already! For me, I think that the month of September has easily gone the fastest so far this year. But not to worry, it's now less than 3 months until Christmas and the cosy end of the year is coming up - despite sniffles and cold toes!

Moving on, these are my top things that I have been absolutely loving this month and reaching for almost daily:

The Body Shop - Earth Lovers Shower Gel (Watermelon & Eucalyptus)
This is a product that I didn't expect to enjoy almost half as much as I actually have been doing. It came as freebie in an online order from The Body Shop once and I didn't think much of it until I was packing toiletries up to take to uni and sifting through the mountain of shower products in our bathroom cabinet. I brought this to uni with me thinking 'it's just a shower gel, it'll do', but I have really loved using it. The smell is incredibly fresh and clean as you would except from watermelon; it's really nice and fruity, and a bit 'zingy' too which is nice to wake you up in the morning. The product is a very runny consistency making it quite easy to pour a bit too much out so be careful of that. It lathers up really well, gives you a good clean and keeps you smelling fresh, plus it's good for the environment being made from 100% readily biodegradable ingredients and the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. It's good for you too; no sulphates, no parabans.

The Body Shop - Vitamin E Face Mist
A product that I bought to add to my ever-growing vitamin E collection and got to try out when the facial mist craze first started taking the beauty world by storm. I do think that this is slightly over priced at £7.00 a bottle, especially when there are much cheaper alternatives out there, so instead of repurchasing I would probably branch out to buy a similar product from a different brand. This handy little spray is used to soften, moisturise and refresh the skin and it says on the bottle that it can be perfect for using to set make-up. As basically a bottled liquid moisturiser I just use this either before bed just after I've cleansed my face or on those 'no make up days' when you just need a cooling spray to perk you up midway through the day. Just one spritz covers my entire face and this bottle seems to have lasted me forever - I've used it continually for over 6 months and only half way through!

Soap & Glory - Hand Food
My first dip into the vast world of Soap & Glory products was to purchase one of their most well known products, a hand cream quirkily named 'Hand Food'. The packaging and names alone on Soap & Glory products is enough to make me want to buy them, and now after trialing 'Hand Food' and 'Scrub Your Nose In It' I have a list as long as my arm of others that I want to try. It's a reasonably priced hand cream with the full size 125ml bottle costing £5.00 (I've paid a lot more for a lot less) and there is quite often offers on surrounding this brand, or just in Boots in general. Soap & Glory boast this to be 'The most astonishing hand cream ever' and as long as you don't use too much then I agree - I am absolutely in love. It sinks into your hands almost instantly, leaves no greasy residue at all and the effects are so long lasting I definitely only need to apply this once a day, and not to mention the gorgeous scent with strong hints of shea butter and marshmallow - mmmm!

Decleor Energising Gel
Never a product, or even a brand, that I would have experimented with of my own accord; this product was gifted to me by my Nanna about a year ago and I've only just come to start using it properly in recent weeks. I'm disappointed in myself for dismissing it so early when she first gave it to me as it's now a staple product in my skincare routine. Technically targeted for use on the body, I ignore this and use it all over my face, normally as an overnight mask, applying it generously and giving it plenty of time to soak in while I relax. If you're wondering what this 'energising gel' actually does is: 'it supplies the deep tissue with active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of it's natural collagen' - Sounds fancy eh! It helps to renew and reconstruct the skin and as I have pretty bad scarring on my face this is an ideal product for me. After using this religiously every night for two months I have definitely noticed fading in the markings; I know that results like this cannot be instant and it's a working progress, but it's doing something! It's a pricey product retailing at over £30 on Feel Unique but my Nanna knows how much my skin troubles me and how I've battled with scarring for years so she did say to me that if this makes dramatic changes with continued use and helps me out more than anything else then she would order me another bottle - What a gem that lady is!

ELF Brow Kit
Brow kits are all over the market and not being sure if it was something that would be for me I thought that I would start off with something that wouldn't break the bank, so I turned to ELF. This little kit contains a double ended brush, a powder and a wax which are the usual components of a brow kit (some of the more expensive ones include tweezers or a highlight shade). I got the shade 'dark' and it matches my eyebrows perfectly, which is probably why I like it so much, it just blends in with my brows amazingly and looks so natural. I'd be interested in testing MUA's version of this too but don't think that I'd ever need to branch out to a more expensive brand like Benefit or HD Brows as this has everything I need and creates the look that I want brilliantly. For £3.75 this product has been well loved and is a definite repurchase.

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  1. I love anything by body shop and lush - my favourite! :)
    Oh and I so agree with you.. september has flew by too quickly..

  2. Soap&Glory is probably my fav brand ever and none of their products ever left me disappointed! Loads of their stuff is on my christmas wishlist already, first of all their super cute gift sets. Also love TBS products! :) x

  3. I really want to try some decleor products but they're so expensive :(

  4. I love the look of the watermelon shower gel. Yum!
    And also been a fan of hand food

    Beauty Fiends Blog

    Currently having a 200 follower giveaway here

  5. i don't own any elf products. I love that brow kit, i have benefits one but that one is bigger i think. xx Btw I agree where the heck is 2012 gone?

  6. I love face mists, i use the Avene spray. Ive tries the Body shop Vitamin E before and agree its a bit overpriced and i prefer others that spray more like a mist than a spray. Ive just ordered that elf brow kit tonight. Hopefully i love it too as i was disappointed by benefit browzings colour shades.

    Lorna xxx

  7. Hand Food sounds so lovely! I definitely need to try a brow kit. xo

  8. Love Hand Food and the vitamin E Mist sounds like its worth a try :)

  9. I love hand food too, it smells so lovely! xo


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