Saturday 29 September 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

The reason that I picked this up (from Wilkinsons) was because my one true love Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is coming to the end of it's life *sob* *sob*. Touche Eclat is a wonder product and one that I will always want in my life, so a new one is quite firmly at the top of my birthday list, as £25.00 on one small product for myself isn't a luxury that I can justify for right now. (Times are hard, I'm a student who hasn't managed to find a new job yet so is scraping the barrel of my saved up summer wages just to pay this months gas bills!) . This drugstore highlighting concealer has been dubbed as a dupe for the holy grail Touche Eclat a couple of times on other blogs so I had quite high hopes for this little brush pen to do me proud. It cost me £6.98 from Wilkinsons but prices may vary across other stores.

I like the packaging; it's simple and compact but not too cheap looking and I like the brush applicator too. To dispense more product you twist the bottom end of the pen and you can easily control how much product comes out with each click. I use this underneath foundation and brush a small amount underneath my eye area and around my nose plus any other general areas on my face that need highlighting. I then blend it in properly using just my finger. It blends very easily, is not cakey and is medium-high coverage.

This only problem I have with this product is that I picked it up in the lightest shade available (01 Ivory) and it is still slightly darker than my skin tone... making it not much of a highlighter. I have almost not noticed any hint of light reflection in this product like the Touche Eclat boasts; this concealer is very matte. Because of this it actually works well as a general concealer and hides blemishes effectively too because of it's good coverage. I would continue to use this as an under-eye and a general concealer as it does the job brilliantly of covering up any dark circles or marks and is a good price for the product. With regards to it being a dupe to the Touche Eclat I would say that they are slightly comparable but as expected the YSL product is of a much higher standard and has greater highlighting qualities. This has by no means replaced Touche Eclat for me, but for somebody looking for a budget buy for something slightly similar then I would recommend this Maybelline Highlighting Concealer.

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  1. YSL Touche Eclat is one of my must haves too but I really want to give this version a try.

  2. I have tried this and also had the problem that it wasn't light enough for a highlighter, liked it as a concealer though x

  3. I have the Estee Lauder version of the Touche Eclat, which is fantastic and I love it! But I will have to try the actual YSL one, the foundation version of it is brilliant xx

  4. Here in California our lightest shade is Radiant. It is super light! Maybe they don't sell that one there? Making Ivory the lightest?

  5. It's a shame this wasn't light enough for you as it sounds like it could have been a great dupe! xo


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