Tuesday 18 September 2012

What's In My Shower | September

I wrote this post at the very beginning of September while I was still at home sweet home and in between packing all my stuff up to move back to uni and I forgot that it failed to post and it's been sitting as a 'draft' for quite a number of weeks now. So I thought that I may as well re-post this now..

These are just random little posts that I love to have a nosy at and maybe you're interested too? I find that the products in my shower never stay the same for long which is why I've named this as a 'September' edition, as by next month there will probably a whole array of new things in there.

For my hair my daily shampoo and conditioner are the Aussie Miracle Moist duo which I find really great for regular washing as they make my hair soft and shiny, don't strip it of colour and don't weigh it down either - plus like all Aussie products they smell absolutely gorgeous! As my hair has been subject to years of dyeing and recently bleaching to create the 'ombre' effect, not to mention the heat abuse it is regularly put through, my hair does need the occasional bit of TLC which is why I have a couple of masks in there which I rotate between. The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask mainly focuses on improving the condition of your roots to encourage better growth and the L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 is an intensive conditioning mask focusing on the limp mid-lengths and ends. I also have a 58ml tube of Clairol ColourSeal Intensive Conditioning Creme left over as I have recently coloured my hair and this is supposed to replace your ordinary conditioner once a week for 6 weeks in order to keep your new colour looking fresher for longer. 

For my body I have this Next Just Pink Body Wash that was received as part of a gift set for Christmas along with the matching perfume and body lotion. It doesn't have a very strong scent, it's quite light and girly but lathers up nicely and does the job of keeping me clean and fresh - Just something that was sat in a cupboard and needed using up really. I also use the Lush Jilted Elf Shower Jelly occasionally (this was another Christmas gift!), and although it is seasonal it is still a fun product to use as how often do you get to scoop glittery green jelly out of a tub and rub it all over your body? Apparently this stimulating jelly is good for helping to shift a hangover so I tend to use this on the days I'm not feeling my best; either due to too many cocktails the night before or just a little bit under the weather. Next up, everybody needs a body scrub to exfoliate those dead skin cells and the remains of patchy fake tan, so I'm currently using N-Spa Lemon Souffle which surprise surprise.. I got for Christmas! Last time I was in ASDA I noticed that N-Spa have actually repackaged their products at some point and I don't think the new packaging looks as nice as this one. This scrub has a super citrus-y scent and has a real wake-me-up vibe to it. I absolutely love it and as it's nearly finished I need to look and see if I can repurchase it and hopefully it will be just the same now but in a different bottle. 

I have a Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser in my shower too as I like to cleanse my face while I'm in there too for extra cleanliness. This is supposed to be 'complexion clearing' as it contains salicylic acid and is oil free, but I didn't find it all that effective on me, but it works well enough for a quick wash in the shower as the pump dispenser makes it super easy to use with wet hands. 

For after I get out of the shower I have a bottle of Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment waiting for me on the side to run through the ends of my hair after towel drying. I use this treatment after every wash and I have definitely seen noticeable improvement in the condition of my hair - look out for an in depth review to come!

So that's it. That is 'What's In My Shower'. It's nothing too exciting and it's not extremely cluttered either. Just your basic shampoo, conditioner, deep treatment, scrub, wash and cleanser!

What's in your shower?


  1. I had a Lush shower jelly they're so good, even though mine would fly out of my hands every time aha! You have a lovely variety of products! I recently got a massive bag of Soap & Glory products so my shower looks like an aisle in Boots right now! xx

    Violence & Fashion

  2. I love Aussie hair products they always work great for me :)


  3. oo i love miracle moist!


  4. I looveeeeee Ausssie :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. @Leigh-Anne AshtonYeah mine does the same I end up wasting lots from dropping it, so hard to keep in your hands! Ooo lovely, love it when my bathroom looks like Boots haha xx

  6. @IndigoIt's a great bargain shampoo, thinkin of trying the luscious long range next! x

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