Friday 14 September 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box | September 2012

I feel quite delayed in posting this as I received my box over a week ago, but anyway, I'm not 100% sure whether September's SheSaid Beauty is the 4th or the 5th one that I have received from them but I can hands down say that it has been my absolute favourite. None of the products inside were dramatically disappointing as some in the past have been completely and utterly naff, plus it contained 4 full sized products with the total price of the products inside the box coming to at least £17. When you're paying just £9(+p&p) for the box (I actually have been paying £4.50 as I got a 50% off deal on a 6-month subscription), you can see how they work out as being good value for money - you're definitely not being ripped off by them.

Anyway, enough rambling and onto the products inside the box and what I thought of them:

1) Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel
In the box we received a 10ml sample size tube and the full size 60ml tube costs £22.00 so this product isn't exactly on the cheap side. I read so many glowing reviews on this product and I too have fallen for it and am considering buying the full size at some point. It is basically a gentle facial exfoliater that 'helps remove deep layers of dead skin'. It came with a leaflet explaining all the active ingredients, how they work, directions for use and the expected results including refining pores, balancing oil secretion and evening out skin tone - claims that many products make but I feel that even after just 4 uses from my sample size that I can see evidence of these results and feel it could perhaps be my new wonder product.

2) Collection (2000) Primed & Ready
A bit of confusion as to why if Collection 2000 rebranded themselves and dropped the '2000' from their name they are still releasing products labelled 'Collection 2000'? This full size 18ml primer costs £5.99 and feel very silicone-y on the face, something I try to avoid as I am convinced that these block up my pores and break me out. I used this once on just a regular day and didn't feel like it made my make-up last any longer through the day or didn't really make that much of a difference when applying.

3) Collection (2000) Fix Me Up
Another Collection/Collection 2000 product - I've never had two products from the same brand in one box before. But this full size 18ml spray bottle also costs £5.99 and although I don't think that SheSaid ever makes any promises that their samples will be 'luxurious', I do feel that this brand and their products have a very cheap feel to them, especially with the new packaging. This misting spay is supposed to make your make-up last for longer when you apply it over the top of a completed face. Do  I think that this worked? Erm.. I couldn't see any noticable improvements to how well my make-up lasted unfortunately. It really did just feel like spritzing water.

4) DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I'll be honest and say that I haven't trialled this product just yet as I've finally found a skincare routine that works perfectly for me and I don't want to go mixing it up too much. In our boxes we received a 30ml sized bottle which costs £3.50 which I think is quite reasonable after all the good things I have heard about this from other people's reviews. Also available are 70ml bottles and 200ml bottles for £9.50 and £18.50 and SheSaid offers an exclusive £5 discount code on this product at This is an oil cleanser and these seem to be incredibly popular at the moment and they apparently 'dissolve' the make up from your face and then rinses away to reveal a fresh and non-greasy clean skin. I cannot wait to try this out really because I really like the sound of it.

5) Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask
This 15ml sachet costs £1.50 but the full size 75ml can also be bought for £4.49. This is a brand that I have never heard of before but I do love a good clay mask as a Sunday treat! This claims to help draw out dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil to help prevent blemishes which sounds like everything you could want from a clay mask. I put this on and there was more than enough to cover my whole face but after about 5 minutes I did start to get a little tingling feeling in my face, kind of like a stinging feeling, so I washed it off and my face was bright red! After a few minutes this faded away and I went back to a normal colour but I did have quite fresh and bright looking skin. Did anyone else feel like they were allergic to it when they used it? Or is that just me?!

6) Popchips Barbeque
A little bonus in the box- bit random putting food in a beauty box isn't it? But nothing wrong with a little treat and as these are not baked and not fried and only 46 calories a bag then they're supposed to be healthier and guilt free compared to your regular crisps. These were pretty tasty and I enjoyed them as a snack but don't think they'll be something I'll rush out again to buy in the future. 23g bag costs £0.79 and an 85g bag costs £1.89.

All in all, I LOVED the Ginvera gel, wasn't impressed with the two Collection products although I felt that they had potential and they excited me when I opened up my box, the DHC oil cleanser is something I'm very excited to try out, the Amie clay mask left my skin bright and clear and definitely oil free even if I did only leave it on for 5 minutes and the Popchips were a yummy bonus!

I also wanted to make a little point of saying that I noticed that the new box is now slightly smaller and has changed colour too. I store things inside these boxes and stack them up and when I put this new one of the top of the pile I couldn't help but notice the differences.

Left: September box, Right: August box
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  1. This looks so good, I've been looking at Glossy Boxes and the likes lately aha. The Ginvera gel sounds amazing, if only I hope money right now! xx

  2. thanks for sharing!! I've never tried SheSaid Beauty Box, only Birchbox. And yeah, a bit random is right about the Pop chips haha! I'm your new follower, check out my makeup blog if you'd like! Happy Friday!

  3. This was my first box i received and i loved it!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. i have never heard of this particular box before. xx


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