Monday 3 September 2012


Like most females I have an absolutely huuge stash of nail varnishes. It's quite ridiculous how large of a collection someone can have of something, but still find a way to justify buying even more! A new thing that I am trying with my nail varnish colours is a 'one in, one out' system, where I can only treat myself to a new colour if I rid an old one, either by selling it on eBay if its quite full and I'm just not thrilled by the shade, giving it away to my mum or my little sister, or if it's old and dried up or gone gloopy beyond recovery then just popping it into the bin.

I am trying my best to go through my old varnishes and try on all of the old shades that I may have forgotten about and have been lost to the depths of a drawer, in a kind of 'shopping my stash' fashion. This way I can sift through the ones that I still love and the ones that I realise I will never again wear and are just taking up space. There's not many left to get through now in my box; all that remains are some deep bronzes and dark purples - colours that I would not be drawn to wearing in the summer months. The only shade left that I could associate with summer was a pinky-purple shade called 'Mauve-lous Memories'.

OPI - "Mauve-Lous Memories"
The bottle has about 1/3 left and I wonder how I ever managed to use that much of it, and what was I thinking at the point in my life when I was obsessed with it! Obviously no offense to anybody who owns and loves this shade, but it really is not one for me. I put it on my nails on Sunday night, and by Monday midday it was gone again. OPI polishes are spot on in terms of the quality of their polishes, I cannot fault them at all for that; it was simply the shade of this particular one was not floating my boat. At all. It's hard to say in words why you would like/dislike a shade or a colour but this was just too much inbetween pink and purple to be described as either and it would probably clash with a lot of outfits. 

OPI - "I've 'Red' The Script"
So, I found another shade to slap on over the top to quickly cover it up. Another OPI shade and this time it was 'I've 'Red' The Script' - the only nail varnish in my whole life that I have ever completely used up and then repurchased! It is one of the deepest and richest jewel reds that I have ever seen. It is absolutely gorgeous and it is a shade that I wear all through the Christmas season year after year. It has a high gloss finish even without a top coat and got full opacity with just one coat - does it get much better than this? Although it does feel a little bit weird wearing my Christmas colour at only the start of September!

OPI nail varnishes retail at £11 for 15ml.


  1. Gorrgeous, i really want to try OPI, it is just sosoos pricey ):

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Omg , you could do a bangin galaxy type effect with those colours!!


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