Thursday 22 November 2012

Monthly Empties | November

Hello my little pickles! No need for too much of an introduction today but here is one of my personal favourite types of post ..'empties'. I've expressed before why I understand some people can think these posts are weird, because, well, they are. 'Just throw the empty shampoo bottles in the bin, you loon' is what I want to tell myself sometimes! But I still like to write these posts, I still like to read these posts and they're always well received too so I can't be the only person who likes to see these. So here are products that I've loved so much that I used up every last scrap of them instead of neglecting them or throwing them out:
Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner
Mmmm! This jumbo sized duo for dry and damaged hair was an absolute treat to use and I can't wait to get back to using Aussie on my hair again! I recently switched things up when I finished these and starting using the Avon Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair instead and they just do not even compare! These are very affordable, smell gorgeeeous - be aware the smell is very sweet and bubblegum-like, and leave hair feels soft, smooth and really managable with minimal frizz! Love! 
N-Spa Lemon Souffle Body Scrub
It looks like there's a little bit left in here but I asure you that there isn't. This was a gift for Christmas last year but N-Spa has a brilliant bargain range of products and there's so many more that I want to try! This scrub is citrus scented which is great because it smells really fresh and clean and the exfoliating beads inside are quite rough and gritty so I'd recommend this for the times when you need a reaaally good clean - it's great for getting rid of patchy fake tan left overs.
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask
If you saw my verrry lengthy post on this product earlier in the month then fear not as I'm not about to ramble on for another 1,000+ words about my opinions on this, instead I'll just direct you all to the post that I wrote so you can have a read for yourself if you like: LINK. I really do love this Lee Stafford product and I'm sure I'll continue to repurchase and use this for a very long time as I feel it does wonders for my hair and can often be found for a bargain when '3 for £12' offers are on.
Special FX Nail Varnish
I found this little 3ml bottle rolling around in the bottom a drawer when having a sort out the other day and there was just enough left in the bottle to get one coat of colour on each of my nails, but by the time I reached my last pinky finger I really was scraping the barrel to get any more product out of here. It's a shame really because I don't know where this came from or how long I've had it for but it's a really beautiful shade and appropriate for the season; it's a lovely deep metallic navy blue and unfortunately the bottle doesn't have a shade name on it because I suspect it came as part of a set, being a miniature and all.
Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face & Back Pack
This mask is amaaazing! If you haven't tried it yet then I highly, highly recommend you hop on down to Lush and pick one up. In fact, try any of their face masks and I'm sure you'll be impressed - I love lots of their fresh ones. Unfortunately, as these contain fresh and natural ingredients they have a use by date of around three months and because there's so much product inside the tub I didn't get a chance to use it all up before it went off which is a shame really. As the name suggests it's a mint scented mask, it is very thick, clay-based and leaves the skin refreshingly tingly and awakened!


  1. I've never tried the aussie shampoo, only ever used the conditioners so I think I may have to tryyyyy :) xxx

  2. Hey! Great reviews! I hope I get the Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face & Back Pack for Christmas :)

  3. i adore aussie shampoo's, especially the miracle moists one! they make my hair feel fab :)

    really want to try the lush mask of magnaminity, i've used oatifix and another one which were great but this one seems to be the cult product at the moment!

  4. Great post, i need that Lee Stafford product asap :P

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. Nice products!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  6. @Katie Lew La They're very similar - very nourishing and smell beauts!! x

  7. @Sophierosehearts I don't know how you've lived without trying it! Definitely try it ASAP! x


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