Tuesday 20 November 2012

What's On My Birthday List? | Wishlist #2

I don't think I've ever been so reluctant to have a birthday in my life!
10 days from now I will unfortunately be turning the ripe old age of twenty.
Yep, two-zero, half way to forty, no longer a teenager. Old.
What this does mean, however, is that I get to write a birthday list and pass it onto my mum who can circulate it to the many kind and lovely relatives that I have in my family and hope that they take my hints ;) I can't be the only person who has grandparents come around for a visit in the summer and pop me the question of what I'd like for my birthday when it's still 4 months until the big day? Keen little grandparents! Unless there's something in particular that I've tried on instore and know that I love and it fits, clothes aren't something that I tend to ask for as presents. My birthday wishlist contains majority beauty related items that are mostly luxury as I don't feel prepared to treat myself to them at the moment but they'd be amazing to receive as a gift:


Benefit 'Sexy Little Stowaways' Gift Set | Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette | NARS Laguna Bronzer
Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in 'Chunkiest Chili' | YSL Touche Eclat | Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP | Glamorous Disco Pants in 'Navy'
Ojon Rare Blend Oil | Mac Strobe Cream | Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 'Wheat' | Lee Stafford Argan Oil Trio Gift Set | Pandora Charms


  1. Ahhh I want everything on this!
    I turned twenty a couple of months ago and I felt OLD! Know how you're feeling haha

  2. Great wishlist, i love the lady million perfume :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I want everything! Aaahh! My grannies do that too - but usually I end up receiving a pink fairy-related item..


  4. i want the clinique balm stain too!


  5. Love my Naked 2 palette. I use it everyday! And I was just looking at that Benefit gift set at Sephora on Saturday. Good stuff!! xx

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  7. The NAKED 2 palette is on my Christmas wish list! Love NARS Laguna I don't think I'll ever need to look at another bronzer again!

  8. IT'S MY 20th bday soon too! and my wishlist looks similar to yours!
    love the post

  9. @Lauren Haha, so not looking forward to not being a teenager anymore! x

  10. @Sophierosehearts Thank you :) I've had a sample of it before and been desperate to own a bottle of it ever since! x

  11. @Alessandra Peters Haha! I have two sets of grandparents; one gives me teddies and the other one shares my love for beauty products and has been good enough to treat me to Liz Earle and Bobbi Brown before haha - safe to say which grandparents presents I prefer ;) x

  12. @naomi I want it so much I think I'm just going to have to treat myself to it! x

  13. @Ashley I've bought the dupe of the Naked Palette recently.. I got the Mua 'undressed' and have been using that religiously so I know I'd get use from the NAKED palette too! x

  14. @NataliaxBarbara Ahhh everyone keeps saying how good Laguna is - I wantttttt! x

  15. @Georgie Cattani Aww happy birthday! haha they're all bloggers classics on this list really! xx


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