Friday 2 November 2012

Review: Clinique 'Take The Day Off' Make-Up Remover

Hi lovely ladies, today I want to give to you my thoughts on a new product that I've been trying out very recently and I received as part of my free gift from Clinique Bonus Time. You can see the post containing everything else that I got HERE but unfortunately this offer has now expired so you won't be able to get your mits on it anymore but be sure to get in there quick next time Clinique runs Bonus Time - it's well worth having a splurge on something you've been wanting to try for a while in order to get a great big bag full of freebies to go with it.

I haven't been using this long term, only about two weeks but I have been using it daily since then with a lot of love for it! The product is Clinique's Take The Day Off Make-Up Remover for 'lids lashes and lips' which costs £16.00 for a full 125ml bottle and I will certainly be investing in it once my 50ml sample size bottle has run out.
Just pour a little bit onto a cotton pad and gently sweep it around your face and all traces of make-up are removed absolutely hassle free. For somebody who has always primarily used face wipes as a removal method for daily make-up then this a revelation - face wipes leave me wiping, and wiping, and wiping, scrubbing and tugging to get the last little bits off, especially around the eye area, often making my eyes quite sore when trying to clear away stubborn mascara. This solution, however, makes the whole process quick and simple and in literally just one swipe with a soaked cotton pad and all of that eye make-up is *poof* gone, just like that.
It is a silicone based product so leaves an oily feel on the skin afterwards, which personally I don't like but I simply wash my face with my usual gel cleanser after this to remove that oily finish and I am left sparkly clean and fresh with zero panda eyes! In the photographs you may be able to tell that there is slight layering within the product, and this is the oil particles separating from the rest of the liquid, so definitely make sure you give this a decent shake up before you use it for optimal results.
£16.00 a bottle is quite a pricey amount for a solution to remove eye and lip make-up, but as with most high end brands it is fantastic quality and a little goes a long way. If you wear minimal make-up around the eyes then perhaps you might want to look for a cheaper alternative; but if your eye make-up is heavy, in particular if you wear waterproof mascara or gel liner then this could be the answer to all your struggling and stinging eyes!


  1. does it HONESTLY just take one wipe? i use face wipes and like you said, they do take a while and my eyes do get sore, as well as my cheeks because they're sensitive.

  2. I don't know how I feel about clinique, some say it's really good whereas other have said there skincare has permanently ruined there skin forever with really bad scarring. So I don't know how I feel about it. I'd love to do try them out :)

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  3. @naomiI guess it depends how much make up you wear around your eyes really, I just wear normal mascara and liquid liner and it removes it in literally about 1 second! x

  4. @charissa oh gosh that's scary how its hit and miss! I'm using their skincare at the moment and my skin has got worse but I just thought that it was a 'purging' of my skin after starting a new routine - worried now! x

  5. Heard so much about this!! :) I wanna try it for myself!

    The Misty Mom

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  7. It’s quite hard to find a makeup remover that removes in just one wipe.
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines


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