Friday 23 November 2012

Monthly Favourites | November

I know that there's still a week left to go of November but I'm going to be a busy bee over the next two weeks so this is the only chance I've really got to put this post up and I love doing favourites posts so didn't want to miss it out! Here's what I've really been loving recently:
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioning Treatment
I'm quite late to the party with love and appreciation for Aussie products. I've always heard people bang on about them but just never expected that I'd fall for the hype. Well, one day I tried and tested and now I am madly in love. I think the scent of their products is a real winning factor for me - so sweet and bubblegum-y - I really like it. Then there's the absolute bargain price of them and most products can almost always be found for under a fiver and the quality isn't at all compromised with the price as the standard of these is a lot higher than some expensive high end brands I've tried before! The first time that I used this reconstructor mask my hopes weren't all that high, I left it on my mid-lengths and ends for 5-10 minutes while I sat in the bath and then rinsed away. Almost instantly I could feel a difference in my hair and I have quite literally never used a conditioning mask that has impressed me so much and left my hair feeling so amazing. For the next three days I just could not stop touching and stroking my hair - LOVE.
Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner
There's no frills with this one; Simple really does just live up to its brand name. I needed to get myself an affordable, everyday use toner to sweep over my face morning and night to remove all those last traces of dirt and make up and really freshen up and this bottle does the trick absolutely perfectly! I'm itching to try the rest of Simple's skincare line now after loving this so much. Imagine a really soft and soothing, moisturing water that you wipe over your face to make your skin feel clean and refreshed? Yep! It's fragrance free with no nasty chemicals so doesn't irrate or sting the skin in any way and for just over £2 it is the perfect step for inbetween cleansing and moisturising.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Something else that I'm late to the party of love and obsession for is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer - seriously, what was my life like before this?! I cannot believe that for years and years I used pricer alternatives when this gem has been sitting in Superdrug the whole time for less than £5! Since purchasing this every single day that my make-up has been done this has been an essential part of my routine; not just for blemishes at all as I also find it good for under eye circles with my shade being so light, and really good for any areas that need extra coverage. I normally just swipe a few small streaks across my cheeks and around my nose then gently blend before putting on foundation and I really don't ever want to be without this now! It's a thick and creamy high coverage concealer that lasts and lasts all day - 'Lasting Perfection' is a really appropriate name. I'm curious if the matching foundation is of the same high standard ..anyone know?
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Good old Rimmel Wake Me Up! I did a post on this a couple of days ago about how I thought I'd found a replacement for this trusty, amazing foundation until I rediscovered my love for it and realised that it can't be beaten - especially not for the price anyway! The post I wrote on this can be found here (link) and I basically just gush about how much I love this. Really affordable, good quality, high coverage, buildable, luminating and long lasting foundation - Nothing to complain about and this has been my foundation of choice every single day.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer
Again, something that I've recently dedicated a post to is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser / Primer and you can find the quick review that I wrote here (link). This is highly comparable to the ever so famous Benefit Pore-Fessional but this is a much more purse friendly option at just £7.50 instead of £23! It's basic and simple what this product aims to do and it acts as a base for your foundation (or you can wear it alone) and it smooths out the surface of your skin, reducing the appearance of pores for a more flawless and perfected finish. It also mattifies your skin and the tea tree ingredients help to keep your complexion as fresh and clear as possible. Love The Pore-Fessional? Try this out as a cheaper alternative!
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Recently giving into the hype, and becoming tired of applying foundation with my fingers, I decided to invest in a decent set of make-up tools in the form of Real Techniques brushes. They didn't break the bank; I got the Core Collection set which cost £22 and contained four brushes but was the only way that I'd be getting my hands on the much-loved Buffing Brush. I use this every day to apply my liquid foundation and just adore the smooth, flawless, even and streak-free finish that this gives in super quick time and the large head can cover quite a big surface area at a time. Applying foundation has never been so easy. 
Models Own Nails: Naked Shimmer & Bluebelle
Lots of love for Models Own at the moment! These two are complete opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to nail varnish colour; one being a subtle and neutral nude, with the other being a bright and bold glitter shade, but both are utterly gorgeous. Just this morning I took off Bluebelle (took forever - bloody glitter polishes!) for a change to the more muted and toned down shade of Naked Shimmer - a creamy pinky grey - and I really love both of them and can see me coming back to them again and again.

I'm off to Liverpool this afternoon to see Michael McIntyre's live show at the Echo Arena as I got tickets for that and a hotel too for my boyfriend's birthday present so I'm really, really excited as we've been counting down the days to this since August. Expect a haul post soon after too because I already know that I won't be resisting the shops in Liverpool One!
Hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. I think I'm going to give the Body shop pore minimiser a go - I love the Benefit one but it is on the pricey side! I'm hoping this will be a good dupe :)

  2. I love the look of Bluebelle, but you're right- glitter polishes are horrid to get off!

    Sam xx

  3. Ahh a favourites that looks like the products I use everyday!! Models Own Bluebelle looks nice xx

  4. I love the buffer brush.


  5. The Collection 2000 concealer is honestly the best concealer I have ever tried!
    It's the perfect consistency and doesn't crease under my eyes!
    I want to try the Wake Me Up foundation!

    Natasha Carly x

  6. I love my Aussie deep conditioner! I've been wanting to try the Real Techniques brushes! I'm in need of a new brush set!

    xo, Pareasa
    The F.A.B Journal

  7. I love that Blue nail colour and really need to try the Collection 2000 concealer to see how great it is for myself x

  8. The collection 2000 foundation is awful! I would not recommend that you tried it.

  9. Love the Rimmel foundation and Pore Minimizer sounds really good as i love Benefits Porefessional :)

  10. @Sam Everything must have a down side haha I HATE the time when they've got to come off :( x

  11. @Feyi It was well worth buying the full collection just for this brush - I love it too! x

  12. @Pretty Little Lives Same! I feel like I'll never need another concealer again now, this one is so fab. x

  13. @Pareasa Definitely invest in Real Techniques - you won't regret :) X

  14. @Rachel Haha! Thank you for that! I've never heard anyone sing it's praises so I did think maybe it wouldn't be too great - thanks for the tip x

  15. @Glitter Me Pink It's such an amazing glitter shade! Definitely, it's less than a fiver and you won't be disappointed x


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