Monday 12 November 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box | November

When I received the October SheSaid Beauty Box a month ago I stropped, sulked, huffed and puffed about how downright shit it was. I'm not going to link you to the post I wrote on it because it's negative and Mondays are bad enough without you hearing me moan about something in the past. On Thursday last week that big old pink box landed up on my doorstep again and I opened it up completely not knowing what to expect as I purposely hadn't read any reviews already done on this box as I wanted to have my own open minded opinion on the contents.
I've been really unhappy with previous boxes and I can't just unsubscribe as I'm tied into a pre-paid 6 month subscription package so if I'm not satisfied all I can really do is have a little moan on Twitter then get on with life and hope for the best in the next month's box. So, with only slightly improved contents from October's box.. here is what was inside the November She Said Beauty Box:

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner Full size 300ml and 200ml - £11.85 and £13.40

It was probably the Redken product that saved this box and made above average instead of awful. I've tried two Redken products before; one I loved and was really impressed by, the other massively fell short of expectations and I was disappointed, so this was the perfect opportunity to give the brand another chance and let me make my mind up on it because right now I'm on the fence whether or not their products are worth the money.

There's 10ml of product in each sachet and for me personally, that's just a little bit too much for one use and not quite enough for two so I just gave myself a very generous application and used it once. This duo claims to cleanse, refresh and nourish dry and unruly hair, which is pretty much what a lot of hair care sets say they will do. The shampoo didn't really do a lot for me but I was impressed with the conditioner and I'd say it left my hair in an above average state living up to it's promises of leaving my locks manageable, smooth and frizz free. It's definitely a higher price that what I would normally pay for a bottle of conditioner so although I enjoyed using it I will probably stick my high street brands for now!

So...? Brit Body Spray Full size 50ml - £1.99
I was sceptical at first, feeling cheated by SheSaid including such a cheap brand and cheap product into their box that brought memories flooding back of school days and all of the girls soaking themselves in So..? and Charlie body sprays at lunch times and after Sports class, but despite my hesitations with this body spray I do actually think that the scent is really nice. It is described as 'an edgy scent that has been created for the fashion forward and independent girls in mind' which isn't much of an accurate description in terms of what it actually smells like and of course scents are subject to individual preferences but I think this is alright. It's perfect handbag and travel size, and although being an aerosol can it's not as subtle as a little spritz of perfume of body mist to freshen up during the day it still does the job nicely and I've got nothing against this product.

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream Full size 30ml - £14.95
Sorry but I literally cannot stop moaning in this post so I'll say my first good point now! Last months box contained two sachets of Biao rose night cream and I lapped it up, getting 3 applications from each of the sachets gave me enough of feel of it to decide that I really liked the product, and then this little 5ml tube of another rose night cream came along and again, I've been lapping it up and loving it. This Weleda one is aimed at anti-aging but it also an all round rejuvenating and smoothing night cream. It's right on my bedside table and I've applied it only four nights in a row so far but each morning my skin has been waking up looking better and better so I'm impressed! I'm not sure if it's this brand in particular I love, or just the general idea of rose night creams so I'm intruiged and I'm going to branch out and try a few more different ones to see.

Yardley Royal English Daisy EDT Full size 50ml and 125ml - £9.99 and £14.95
There's been a Yardley perfume sample in a previous box and I just thought it was 'okay' so didn't feel too pleased with seeing another one, but this one is a lot better and I think it's quite nice! I don't ever tend to really use perfume samples that I get though, they all just build up in a little collection and I'm thinking that I might start putting them to use so I'm wearing this one today.

'SSB Treat': Murrays Manicure Matchbook Nail Files Full size - £1.99
It's a little set of mini nail files.. I don't really know what I can say about these and I know I never would have bought them for myself. I might use them, but I probably won't. (Very messiliy painted nails alert in the picture though - haha!)

Makebelieve enhance Shimmer Lip Gloss Full size 15ml - £10.00

Since opening my box I've since seen other variations of November box and noticed that there was a highlighter available from the brand 'Makebelieve' which I definitely would have preferred, but oh well you can't win them all can you! This is reaaally pretty, I mean really pretty! It's just such a shame that I'm not a lip gloss person at all unfortunately I know that I would never wear this. I've not touched it yet and I intend to sell it because it's a beautiful looking product by a luxurious looking brand (albeit one I have never heard of) and I think that this Shimmer Lip Gloss would be better off with somebody who would use it than just sitting in my drawer untouched until I have a clear out and throw it away! I normally wouldn't bother but it's a full sized product that retails for £10.00 so I think it's worth selling. If anybody is interested in purchasing this from me for around £5 to include postage costs then please just leave me a comment below with a contact e-mail! If no ones interested I'll save it for a blog sale.
'Indulgent moisturising lip gloss for a luscious pout with a hint of shimmer. Apply to the lips for a natural looking enhanced pout or over your preferred lip colour'.

Just to be typical of my current attitude toward SheSaid Beauty I'm sorry to say that I'm going to end this post on a negative note (not sorry really, I'm entitled to an opinion). There's been a pretty weird couple of things appearing in boxes from SheSaid recently, for example, tooth paste, vitamin supplements and bag of crisps(?!) and although this month was all beauty related and all good stuff I do feel that it is getting repetative. I've only been subscribed for a couple of months (5, I think) and in that time I have already been sent a nail file before, so I wasn't interested in that again, I've been sent a Yardley perfume sample before, so again, not interested, I've sampled the brand Redken before, and last month's box include rose scented night cream which was received again this month (Biao last month, Weleda this month). Some of it isn't a big deal because I'm looking forward to giving Redken another shot, I like the Yardley perfume and the rose night cream.. but it's more the principle of it. I'm paying a fair lump of money per month to receive a box full of 'luxury beauty samples' to introduce me to new brands and new products but when I keep getting nail files and the same brands again and again, and similar products repeated then it kinda defeats the purpose. Another point is that a few boxes ago there was a Collection 2000 primer sent out which was also included in a variation of this month's box - thankfully I didn't receive that product in my box which was lucky because I hated it and haven't touched it, but how could any subscriber be interested in receiving the exact same product again?
So, c'mon She Said! Impress me again like you used to!
Throw some new brands in there; no more Yardley and Redken!
Throw in something original and a bit different too; no more rose night cream!
..and no vitamins or crisps either!
What did you think of November's box?


  1. I really don't know whether beauty boxes are worth it anymore. They seem to have gone downhill in my oppinion.

  2. Hi Hannah, thanks for following Carole's Chatter. I have followed you right back. Have a great week.

  3. I received the collection 2000 primer again..Wasn't happy. I also got the so..? spray which like you said reminded me of my teenage years not something I would use now. Like you I am pretty disappointed. I am keeping my subscription for the xmas box and will probably cancel in the new year xx

  4. Love all of Weleda's products I've tried so far, the rose eye cream being my favourite. I'm aware this might sound stupid but I applied it to my lips overnight when they were really dry and cracked and woke up having the softest pout ever! The Makebelieve lipgloss looks lovely as well, I've heard loads of great things about the brand recently xx

  5. The shimmer lip gloss looks so pretty; I thought about getting a beauty box to try out new stuff, some of the brands you get are so expensive, it's nice to try them out first :)


  6. I love subscription boxes. Followed u from the blog hop. Kindly follow back pls? :) thank you!

  7. Right now I'm subscribed to Topbox, GlossyBox, and ipsy. Great post!

    New follower, Follow back?

  8. @Beth Bradley Definitely agree, once my subscription is up I won't be bothering with any other beauty boxes! x

  9. @Miss_S Oh I would've be SO annoyed if I'd gotten that Collection primer! It's so bad how the quality of these boxes is awful now, giving us brands like So? and Palmers and Collection - I'm far from impressed! x

  10. @Fisi ? Oh I'm looking for a new eye cream so maybe I'll try Weledas - their night cream is amazing! x

  11. @I.K.I.N.T.O.O. Yeah I agree, it's just a bit of a pain if you don't like most of the samples you're sent - feels like a waste of money! x

  12. @Moonlight Gleam Haha! I bet you have samples everywhere you look. I've never heard of ipsy before x


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