Tuesday 6 November 2012

Topshop Nails | Glimmer

I am yet to find disappointment with a Topshop nail varnish. Every single one that I have tried and tested has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The shade range is fantastic and the colours in the bottle match up to how they look on the nail so you definitely know what to expect with each one. With a variety of mattes that range from pastels, brights and darks to metallics, glitters and crackle effects, you can be spoilt for choice when making a decision of which bottle to choose.
This is the first metallic shade that I have bought from Topshop and although they cost a little more than the regular matte shades (£6.00 instead of £5.00), they are more than worth the money. For 8ml of product £6.00 is a fair price for exceptional quality, beautiful colour and long lasting wear time. ‘Glimmer’ is a subtle and light, yellow toned metallic gold shade that is full of shimmer and catches the light beautifully. The consistency of this one was a little different to others from Topshop that I have tried and seemed to be a lot thinner and applied quite sheer – but fear not because with just two coats you can achieve all the opacity that is required for a beautiful, seasonally appropriate, shiny gold sheen to your nails. Really smooth application, very fast drying, and from past experience these have lasted more than just a few days before chipping. So far I have had my nails painted this colour for four days and there’s not a chip in sight and I have had quite a few compliments on them too. I’d like to point out that I felt there was no need for a top coat with this polish as it gave quite a high shine finish already and I knew that they were pretty chip resistant.
Metallic shades are ones that I shy away from normally which is just down to personal preference, but after ‘Glimmer’ catching my eye in store I felt I needed to try it and I am really glad that I did. This is bad news for the shopping addict inside of me though, because now not only do I feel the need to extend my collection of Topshop mattes; starting with Milkshake and Green Room, I also want to branch out and try more metallic variations.

What are your views on Topshop nails?


  1. Such a gorgeous colour! xx


  2. I've tried a few topshop nail varnishes and love them!this shade is gorgeous x

  3. Gorgeous colour-I love Topshop nail varnishes!!



  4. Wow this is such a gorgeous shade, I've tried Topshop makeup but not their polishes yet. Deffo be added onto the wishlist :)


  5. I don't usually apply metallic shades either, but they are fun once in a while. This one looks nice.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Mom Fitness Journal

  6. @Amie Haffenden It is! A few gold nail varnishes can look a bit tacky but this just looks pretty :) x

  7. @Hannah Louisa I've loved all of the few I've tried too - definitely want more! x

  8. @Natasha Gregson Pretty isn't it :) Yeah they're really great, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone! x

  9. @Charlee GreenhalghI don't know how you could've resisted trying them for so long! Every time I go in Topshop the bright and colourful nail varnish display lures me over! x

  10. @GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Yeah I steer clear of metallics but it's nice for Christmas time for a bit of something differernt :) x

  11. I love the topshop nail colour that gold is just beautiful x


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