Sunday 30 June 2013

Duty Free and Holiday Haul


Just incase the title of this post didn't give it away; I've been away on holiday. I had an absolutely amazing time, but won't pretend I'm not incredibly sad to now be back on English soil after a week of soaking up some of those red hot African rays - I can just feel my tan fading away already. I thought I'd try my best to keep those pesky holiday blues at bay with a post on everybody's favourite topic: shopping! 

Here's a little duty free haul for you all to sink your teeth into:
(I didn't go particularly crazy as I had a boyfriend looming in the background repeating 'you don't need that, put it back' - psht what do they know?!)

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Toilette Acqua (50ml)
If you read my 'What's In My Make Up Bag | Holiday Edition', you'll know that I mentioned I wasn't taking a perfume or fragrance away with me as I had the intention to buy a new one at duty free and dub it as my holiday scent to be able to associate with my time away. Scents and memories are strongly linked and I love the way something as simple as a spritz of perfume can take you back to a really amazing time in your life. After probably more than an hour of circling duty free and sampling nearly every perfume they had in there I finally settled on this very glam looking bottle from Roberto Cavalli; an EDT called Acqua. The description I found said that this is a sparkling floral scent inspired by the eternal allure of the Mediterranean, and I would say that it's very light and fresh, but definitely gorgeous.

Mac Lipstick in Impassioned - 
I have wanted this lipstick for like ..forever! It must've been on my lust-list for well over two years now so I finally splashed the cash and made it mine. I definitely don't need any more lipsticks, especially not pink ones, but Mac lipsticks are only £12 in duty free (something in my mind is telling me it was precisely £12.05!), and although that's only slightly cheaper that in store you have to take advantage of a saving! Impassioned is an amplified creme finish lipstick and is a bright hot pink shade - I'm sure I'll do a full post dedicated especially to this soon.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 09 Wheat - 

Another make up item that's been on my lust list for the longest time. It featured on my Birthday Wishlist back in November last year after I'd had my make up done by Clarins in the winter and they'd used this on me. It's a pretty full coverage foundation that lasts an absolute eternity on the skin but feels as light as air and gives a radiant appearance. No doubt this is one of the most luxurious looking foundations that I've ever owned - the bottle is gorgeous! The darker shade than I'd usually choose matches up with my more bronzed complexion for the summer months and it's set to be my perfect summer foundation - lightweight but long lasting and full coverage (personal preference).

'How Not To Worry' by Paul McGee - 
Don't laugh at me for taking to a self help book to try and sort myself out! Being a pessimist and a worrier comes naturally to me and I want to change my 'glass half empty / life is shit' outlook, so this book was bought for me in WH Smith at the airport by my boyfriend for me; I think he's sick of my worrying and moaning too! I've only read a couple of pages at the moment as it's not something I wanted to read down by the pool (it wasn't necessary at that time either because all troubles melt away on holiday), but it seems to be pretty good so far - I'll let you know how it goes! You never know, you could see a book review coming from me soon?!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


  1. Oh I've bought my mum this lovely fragrance "Acqua" by Roberto Cavalli too:)!

    A fresh, not-too "citrusy" lovely light summer scent:)


  2. That foundation looks very appealing to me! Same with the mac lipstick too. Xx

  3. Great buys! Not ever heard anything about Clarins foundations, so look forward to seeing what you think about it :0

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. love the colour of the lipstick.


  5. Impassioned is such a gorgeous colour! x

  6. Great little buys! Mac at Gatwick always sell out of the items i want - typical! x

  7. I've had my eye on the Everlasting Foundation for what seems like forever so I'm glad you love it. I'll definitely buy it now :)xx

  8. Oh god that mac lippie is such a gorgeous colour!

  9. Oh my goodness that Mac lipstick looks beautiful!! Such a stunning shade for the summer :) I really need some more Mac lipsticks!
    Love Holly x //

  10. I've just bought Impassioned recently and it's amazing I love it so much x

    Becky @

  11. Love your lipstick!❤ Your blog, beauty!
    Follow me and I will follow u back!

  12. Impassioned has always been a Mac lipstick I've had my eyes on too. I have yet to swatch it instore but I can already tell that it is such a beaut of a lipstick shade. Can't wait to see it on you. I bet it'll look wonderful :)

  13. That lipstick looks gorgeous! I'll definitely have to swing by a counter to test it out! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life

  14. hey hun!!
    you look always amazing in your outfits and
    your taste in products is very good!!
    I love your content!! Would you like to check my blog
    and maybe we could follow each other via Bloglovin?
    Keep in touch!!!

  15. really pretty mac shade;)x


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