Saturday 15 June 2013

Pre-Holiday Fashion and Clothing Haul

What's a summer holiday without a big old bundle of brand new clothes to take away with you? There's nothing better than piecing together a hot new outfit while you're away from home and chilling out in paradise. Here's my collective purchases of new summer and holiday clothes, mostly from Primark and H&M, with a splash of Topshop, TK Maxx, and eBay! Enjoy:

First things first is a holiday must-have: a bikini! Last year I bought 8 new bikinis for a 7 day holiday - crazy, right? So a couple of them have never been worn and actually still have their tags on (oops!). This year I only bought one and I hopped on board the fringed bandeau bandwagon after finding this bargainous beauty on eBay for about £5 when the exact same ones are about triple the price on Missguided! There's all sorts of sellers who sell the same/similar ones, just search 'fringed bandeau bikini' and there's lots of cheap options.


First up for clothing: Good old Primark! I'm quoting the prices from memory as I no longer have the receipt/tags for these, so if I'm out by a pound or two don't hate on me! The brightly coloured floaty and floral print dress with dainty side cut out detailing is absolutely gorgeous and was £15.00. The tribal print inspired shorts are absolutely fantastic quality and are not an item I'd ever expect to find on Primark rails. They were £10.00 which I guess is a little steep for Primark beach shorts, but they're just so gorgeous and because they're a little bit structured they can also be styled to look quite smart too. The black and white dress had a big sticker stuck on the front of it saying 'OMG £5!' or words to that effect, and yes it was a fiver! It's okay quality and fits nicely too - who can moan about this for £5?! Aaand who went a little bit crop top crazy in there? ..Umm I did! If you're looking for summer crops then Primark should definitely be your go-to! There's a little bit of sizing discrepancy between these three crops, as all are a size 8.. but the white one fits a little too big and is baggy on me (I'm returning it), the orange one comes up a little tight but I can just squeeze into it, and the pink one fits perfectly. Oh Primark, why must you be difficult! White backless crop: £5.00, orange lace crop: £4.00 (bargain!), pink baggy crop: £3.00.

I love H&M for clothes! I don't have one local to me which is really frustrating as they have gorgeous items for such brilliant prices, so when I go away and come across one I tend to go a little bit crazy. However, on this particular occasion I only went in for a pair of shoes I'd lusted over on the website and was in a bit of a 'get in, get out' sort of mood so just quickly grabbed myself three beach appropriate items on my way to the tills. Printed floaty top: £7.99, super bright neon vest: £3.99, jersey shorts: £5.99

Next is some TK Maxx bits and pieces where the photos do neither of them any justice! I've already worn the white dress for a night out and put up an outfit post wearing it that you can see here. This was £14.99. The printed playsuit actually has little pink palm trees on it (I know it's hard to tell), and it doesn't look like much but it's just a simple and light jersey playsuit that would be perfect to slip on over the top of a bikini for a bit of decency (£6.99).

Next up for clothes is Topshop, where again, the photos don't do the clothes a whole lot of justice - it's a good job I'm not hoping to make a career out of clothing photography isn't it! Hopefully I'll get some snaps of me wearing these two so they can be shown better, especially the dress. As well as buying 7 new pairs of underwear (something I feel compelled to do everytime I go on holiday), I also picked up these two cami style items. This gorgeous royal blue/purple maxi dress is one item I knew I wanted but just couldn't find the perfect one that fit me properly (scrawny girl problems). I love this one from Topshop and it comes in a whole range of colours so I'm thinking of maybe getting one more. It's very simple but looks so elegant and can be worn casually on the beach/day time or can be dressed up for a night time look. I'm so excited to wear it! (£18.00). This cami crop top must be the skimpiest item of clothing I own; it's very 'barely there', but when you're on holiday that's appropriate - right? (£6.00).


Two pairs of new summer shoes for me; the beige/grey pair are from H&M and I lusted after them for weeks and weeks before finally caving purchasing, but I do really loooove them (£24.99). I can't find them on the website anymore so I'm thinking that maybe they're not available anymore, unfortunately. Are these not just the most popular pair of shoes, ever? Available from for just £4.99 - Yes, £4.99 - these Jeffrey Campbell inspired killer heels are absolutely beautiful and a true bargain. I'm quite upset because I wanted them in white but my size for those was no longer in stock - boo! - So I settled for the black instead.


This cream clutch with the neon yellow trim detail also featured in a recent outfit post here, and is from (£17.99 - link). The second clutch was a Primark bargain and was only £8. And saving the best until last is my Zara baby! Ahhh! Bright orange mini shopper, I love you. I really do. This was £22.99, which by Zara's prices is an absolute bargain and is worth every single penny.

Phew! Finally finished.
Hope you enjoyed my pre-holiday fashion and clothing haul!


  1. there's some gorgeous pieces here - i love the white primark crop top and the orange zara bag!
    Sophie x | sophielouisew_ a blog

  2. Great haul, I love everything!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. Gorgeous stuff here. I love the Aztec print shorts and the shoes!

    Kah-Feh Yen

  4. Love everything you bought,especially the orange lace crop top!xx

  5. brilliant clothing haul! i really like the crop tops from Primark, especially the lace one it's a lovely colour. i didn't know Primark sold quite so many variations of crop tops!

  6. The bikini and floral Primark dress are gorgeous! I'm lusting after the orange mini shopper but every time I go to order it it's out of stock!X

  7. Oooh you picked up some amazing bits, love the palm tree playsuit, neon tank top and grey shoes, really lovely :-)

  8. I love the mini shopper. Great bits, hope you have a lovely holiday :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. Wow. It's all so gorgeous! I love it and want it all!


  10. Some lovely pieces! Im so jealous im not going on holiday this year :( I really need this Zara mini shopper in my life - I'm seeing them everywhere! xx

  11. Wow, you really did a haul! I love your style! I especially love the beige and neon clutch! So on trend right now!


  12. Ah I love all the bags you've picked up!

  13. Haha ok brb i'm gonna go break the bank now...


  14. You got so many beautiful bits! I love the bikini and that bag is amazing! Great picks! xx

  15. Woo go Primark, I really loved the dress before I saw where it was from!
    "WHAT!?" was my reaction to those £5 shoes, crazy?! I thought they were from office or something!
    I have the same orange zara bag, it's so handy and I love wearing it with white jeans and a denim shirt!
    I love your blog, you've got a new fan ;)
    Lottie xxx

  16. In LOVE with the Zara bag!!

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