Friday 21 June 2013

NOTD: Models Own 'Bora Bora' | Hed Kandi Collection

It's not much of a secret that I'm a fan of Models Own nail varnishes, and at only £5.00 a bottle with such an extensive range of shades and finishes they are always going to be offering up something for everyone. Constantly releasing new collections with fresh new ideas - most recently their scented Fruit Pastel range and super bright Ice Neon range, and even more recently the Aqua Splash collection of glitters - Models Own are always on the ball with the next best thing to reel me in! Their Hed Kandi Collection, brought out last summer and inspired by Ibiza, the party capital of the world, is my number one favourite to date; Ibiza Mix is a firm favourite glitter topcoat and Hedonist is the perfect bright summer shade and my holiday nails choice too.

So, when I heard that there was going to be two new additions to the Hed Kandi line my ears definitely pricked up and I couldn't wait to feast my eyes on them. Sunset Chillout didn't strike a whole lot of attraction with me and just looked like a run of the mill abstract glitter and nothing unique (see swatches on here), but Bora Bora was obsession at first sight.

It's a very fine gold glitter polish and created this completely opaque look in just two simple coats; no base colour required. Glitter shades are more frequently associated with winter and the Christmas season, but this one is ideal for right now and catches the light just beautifully; it glistens like the sun shining on sand. It's the most gorgeous glitter polish that I own and I've never seen anything shimmer and shine so effortlessly. On a warm, sunny day and looking down at nails like these really makes your feel like you're away somewhere exotic and luxurious. It's the perfect way to add some glitz and glamour to summer nails.

What do you think?
See the whole Models Own Hed Kandi range here.


  1. Is it possible to be in love with a nail polish? Love it so much!


  2. That nail varnish is stunning on you xxxx

  3. Love this! Glitters are hit or miss with me, but I like that this one is quite subtle (if that makes sense?) xx

    D Is For...

  4. This looks lovely! I absolutely adore Models Own nail polishes so will be picking this up next :). Thanks for the great post

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  5. it looks so pretty without a base ! Absolutely love how it looks, this is going on my list ;) x

  6. Ooh so pretty! Its asking to be paired in so many ways & loving the fact its a fine glitter too x

  7. This looks so beautiful! I've been wanting a good gold polish for a while and this looks pretty much perfect :)
    Love Holly x //


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