Friday 7 June 2013

Review: Bare Minerals 'Prime Time' Neutralising Foundation Primer

Bare Minerals is a brand that I've always been aware of, but for some reason have never been lured into trying before and haven't delved into the depths of their make up range in the slightest. Recently, I was offered the chance to try their 'Prime Time' Foundation Primer* through QVC, and it's a product that I know a couple of my friends use and love, but not something that would have struck me as a 'must have'. Here is a perfect example of a 'blogger perk' so to speak; discovering an absolutely fantastic product that you now adore and use daily, but otherwise would never have had the opportunity to try out.

I think that the main reason this product had never grabbed my attention before is it's more than basic packaging style. To say that it is simple and understated would be a very accurate description of it. A small, plain white little bottle with basic black lettering on it is not something that screams out from the shelves and catches your eye. But of course, we can't all be bright, colourful and exciting, and it's what's inside that really counts. 

A 30ml bottle costs £17.00 which is about the average price you'd be looking to pay for a good quality foundation primer, and they don't run out in a hurry either because all you need is one small pump once a day (..or if you're like me, you don't even use primer every day; just on those special occasions where you want to look slightly above average with a more flawless base, or you know you'll need your make up to last just that little bit longer through the day), there's no need to worry about it not being worth your money, or being something that you'll have to regularly repurchase - it's worth the investment.

Bare Minerals is a popular brand because of their mineral make up, and these mineral infused formulations that are good for the skin and still allow it to 'breathe' underneath make-up, so it is not a formula that I would be wary of in fear of it clogging my pores and breaking me out. It is also a primer that works exceptionally well on dry skin, especially flaky areas and I will vouch for this factor! The day I received the product I'd had a bad reaction to something that had badly burnt my skin on the side of my mouth and it was uuuugly. Bright red, irritated and skin flaking away - yuck! In the name of experimentation, I smothered a pump of this primer all over my face and followed with my usual foundation. 'Impressed' does not cover how I felt when I looked in the mirror and saw that the burnt, flakey area had been dramatically subdued and concealed and by the next day was closed to being healed. Did this primer heal my dry patch and sore skin? Or is it just co-incidence?!

The reason why this primer comes out of the tube a strong yellow colour is because of the neutralising colour correction properties that it possesses. Yellow tones neutralise any redness in the skin, something that is fairly common and I know it is something that I constantly battle to conceal. There's no need to be afraid of it; it effortlessly blends away seamlessly into the skin and doesn't leave a yellowy tinge to your complexion, and it really does work to balance out any unwanted redness and discolouration in the skin as well as toning down the appearance of any blemishes. A primer that also neutralises isn't something I'd have thought to try before (I usually just lump on extra concealer to all the hyper pigmentation my skin is riddled with) but this product just takes all of the effort out of trying to create a flawless complexion and I love it.

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived in the UK, it means things are getting a little bit hot and sweaty; including slippy slidey make-up! If you're looking for something to keep your base intact for longer, as well as neutralising any skin issues then here's a primer to look at! There are other variations of Prime Time, such as oil control, brightening, and just the regular formulation - so take your pick!

You can purchase Bare Mineral products from QVC online here, and this neutralising primer can be found here for £17.00.

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* (c/o) Talented Talkers


  1. oooh I wanna try this :)
    I had my eye on the Laura Mercier ones but may have to get this as its slightly cheaper!

    Alice :)

  2. Sounds like a good product :) x

  3. Oh wow, great review, can't wait to try it.


  4. Ive looked at this foundation before but never really heard anybody talk about it, glad ive finally seen a review!

  5. this was one of the first primers i ever came across, and i still desperately want to try it out. i just wish it wasn't quite so out of my price range!
    Sophie x | sophielouisew_

  6. I hadn't even heard anything about this before, it's interesting that it's yellow! I have Benefit's Lemon Aid which is a colour correcting cream/primer for your eyes and was shocked to see that was a pale yellow but it really does work at correcting redness x x x

  7. Never seen primer this colour before. It looks very interesting. I will definitely be checking it out.

    Kah-Feh Yen

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