Thursday 13 June 2013

Look Fantastic Beauty Haul

Oh, what's that you say? A 15% discount code for Oh. Well, in that case I best fill up my online basket and place an order then!

Alpha H Radiance and Renewal Discovery Collection (link)
Okay, we'll start with whole reason that this stupidly expensive, guilt inducing haul took place. It was for this 5 piece set right here. I was sent a couple of samples from Cult Beauty a while back, including samples of Alpha H's infamous Liquid Gold solution and also their daily moisturiser with SPF 50 (along with some other bits). These two products really stood out to me and I set out to buy the full sizes only to find that I would be spending £45.00 + £30.00 and for just two skincare products that's a total that really takes your breath away, especially when I only wanted that specific moisturiser to use for one week out of the whole year (on holiday). Then this little set caught my eye in the corner and it's a '5 Piece Radiance and Renewal' set, with 5 products that aren't quite full sizes, but they're pretty deluxe sample sizes and all have a decent amount in them. It's called a 'discovery collection' because it's the perfect way to experiment with some new products and every single one of them is targeted to fight the signs of sun damage, hormonal acne and scarring. If anyone's going to be your guinea pig for acne scarring products then I am your girl! I'm going to do a full post separately on this set and what's in it/my thoughts, but it's exclusive to Look Fantastic and if you're interested, here's what's in it: 30ml Balancing Cleanser, 50ml Liquid Gold, 30ml Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+, 12g Daily Exfoliant, 5ml Micro Cleanse. They're all flipping good products and this set costs just less than £30.

So, me being me, can't place an online order with just one thing in the shopping basket and I just have to have a browse around the site to see what else is available. Well.. there were a couple of things that just 'fell' into my basket..

Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten (link)
An intensely pigmented and long lasting all round eye product that can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow base, simple eyeshadow, or an inner corner and browbone highlight ..just a really easy to use and must-have multi-use champagne shimmery eye product. More indepth review with swatches and a make up look to come!

Weleda Skin Food (link)
There's so many Weleda skin and body products that I could've happily clicked 'add to basket' with; they have such an extensive range of lovely products. 'Skin Food' is a multi-use intense and super rich moisturiser than can be used on all over the body and on hands, feet, etc. I know you might be thinking that this is more of a winter based product but I wanted it just incase I get a little sunburnt and start to turn into a snake and peel (it happens), or basically if a sun overdose dries my skin out at all then I've got this little award winner to help me out.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask (link)
I am completely kicking myself for ordering this from LookFantastic for £23.95 (yes, I know - ouch) and then only after I ordererd it I saw at the bottom of Kayleigh's review on this product a little tip that it is available from CheapSmells (link) for only £14.25. Annoying!! Oh well. I've only used this once so far and absolutely loved how my hair felt afterwards, however it's a pricey little number for a not so huge tub and I'll definitely be reserving this for special occasions only. 

Real Techniques Shading Brush (link)
My eye make up brush collection doesn't extend much further than 3 pretty cheap and shoddy quality brushes and I was just after a little something to help me out, without breaking the bank by turning to Mac. I'd heard that RT eye brushes aren't as great as the face brushes, and I wasn't up for getting the Starter Kit (The usual choice as it consists of 5 eye brushes), because I know I wouldn't use a lot of the brushes that are included in that set, so I settled for one single (pretty cheap) eye shadow brush - the Shading Brush - that is a very well valued purchase.

Real Techniques Blush Blush (no link - I can't find it on the site anymore)
I've definitely gone Real Techniques obsessed lately, because I've also just purchased the Stippling Brush from Boots as well (eyes peeled for a Pre-Holiday Haul post coming in a couple of days!). But the Blush Brush is the one that I've lusted after for the longest time and I've heard that it's quite versatile with how it's used but it is predominately for powder products on the cheeks. When my Stippling Brush arrives I think I may do a joint review of these two brushes and what products I use them with / how I use them.

FREE: Real Techniques Core Collection
When spending over £65 on the site, which I managed to do even with the 15% discount (naughtyyy) then you receive a FREE Real Techniques Core Collection. I actually already have this set and only use two out of the four brushes from it, so I'm quite unsure what to do with this second one.. Do I keep it as a back up? Sell it? Give it away? Hmm..

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my not so little LookFantastic haul!
They run discount codes ranging from 10-20% off quite frequently so look out for one of those if you're ever thinking of placing an order.


  1. The Alpha H stuff sounds amazing, I'm excited to see your review on it :D I really want to try the macademia range but just can't justify the price of it :( Love love love the real techniques brushes, their expert face brush is my favourite of them all :)
    Love Holly x

  2. I'm sooo eager to try the Macadamia mask, my god does my hair need it! I'd love a review on it if possible!


  3. Ooh I had no idea the Macadamia masque was so cheap on Cheap Smells! I've wanted to try it for so long but the price tag scared me a little haha! Lovely haul :) xx

  4. This is a great haul! I love all of the real techniques brushes, my favourite brushes to use.
    FashionProject x

  5. Great haul!! Real techniques are my favourites brushes so far love every single one :)

    Lots of love xo ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

  6. The brushes look lovely!

    Emma x

  7. i love real techniques brushes. cant beat the price vs quality!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  8. That's such a good deal, I love RT brushes, but yeah I have ths collection too- so probs would't be an ideal free gift for me either!
    Daniella x

  9. Ooh that's amazing you got the RT brushes for free!
    I've been wanting to get myself some Real Techniques brushes for a while now, especially the Core Collection! Let me know if you are wanting to sell them :)
    I'm gonna go have a browse of the site now!

  10. :O I am actually looking to buy the RT Core Collection! I love your new design as well beauts :) I purchased my ticket for the FABB Event, would you like to go down together again? Xx

  11. Expensive haul but it is deffo worth it!
    I love everything you have bought.

    The hair mask is just gorgeous; I use mine for special occasions too.



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