Sunday 30 December 2012

Aphrodites Boutique Lodge | Two Years of Love ♥

Hello, I'm going to try and keep this pretty short and sweet and not get too carried away in a super soppy ramble, no one wants to be feeling queasy while reading a blog post, do they!
Yesterday was the 'official date' marking the two year anniversary of being the luckiest girlfriend in the world. With this being so close to Christmas it seems a little bit silly to buy each other a gift so instead we made the decision to have a night away last week in a luxury, local(ish) hotel as celebration and a pre-Christmas treat. I say 'local-ish' because it's only around 20 minutes drive from where I live but people come from miles to stay here; the couple infront of us at reception had come from Essex to stay until Boxing Day. It's in Windermere, in the Lake District, and the hotel is called Aphrodites Boutique Lodge - You can find their website here: link. It's pretty pricey for just one overnight stay but everybody needs to have a splurge and indulge themselves every once in a while. We halved the cost and called it our 'gift to each other'.
Each of the rooms are 'themed', which some people might find tacky, but we just thought that it was a bit of a novelty and something different to your standard hotel room. There's themes such as The Flintstones, James Bond, Cleopatra, Robin Hood, Pine Cabin, etc, and even the ever so cringe 'Love Shack Suite'. Try telling your family you're staying in there ;) !! Our choice of room was the Tarzan and Jane Suite (when I say 'our'.. it was my choice really), and it included themed decor as you can see from the pictures above and had a sauna in the room (picture on the top right), along with a jacuzzi bath tub complete with a TV. I now have my heart set on my own TV in the bath! Oh and I also took pleasure in pinching the complimentary Molton Brown toiletries provided.
We arrived on Sunday night, relaxed, made use of the sauna and the bath and the giant TV but decided against going for a dip in the swimming pool. It was Christmas Eve Eve and we wanted to get in the Christmas spirit so watched 'Christmas With The Kranks' sprawled out on the humongous bed with a Rekorderlig in hand totally loving life! We went for our evening meal at a place called Bodgea in Bowness and went a little overboard on the tapas - they were a quite a lot bigger than we anticipated so our 7 'mini meals' was probably enough to feed four people, not two! No point in wasting it of course so we stuffed our faces and practically had to roll ourselves back to the hotel. I don't want to chatter on for too much longer, but it was absolute heaven to be able to wake up on Christmas Eve and be all cosied up in this gorgeous hotel room lying next to the person I love most the most (hehe).
We wanted to do something nice yesterday but both of us have come down with symptoms of the flu and I didn't feel up to doing much unfortunately :( John snuck up early and nipped out before I woke up to go and buy bacon and sausages and cooked up an absolute feast for breakfast! Hashbrowns, fried egg, bacon, beans, toast, sausage, and whatever else is part of an fry up was sitting there on a plate ready for me - I feel so bad that I was too ill to eat much more than a few mouthfuls! He also bought me a lovely bunch of flowers that you can see in the picture above. We'd had a table booked for an evening meal but gave it a miss to be able to stay warm on the sofa looking like death! It is a shame, but it's not that it matters much anyway because of course it's not about spending lots of money or going out anywhere fancy, I just think it's nice to do something special every once in a while to break the mould and what better excuse than the anniversary of two years of being together and happy?
We literally have no photos of us together except from hideous joking around ones, or the ones taken when we were on holiday in Marbella, so I just put together a little collage of Marbella photos to show you our happy, smiling faces! Can you tell I've just found a new collage making site that I really love? I'm not gonna be soppy, I promise, but I just want to say that it's been the best two years of my life, I've never been happier than I am right now, and I'm very loved up. :)


  1. Awww you sound so happy! This hotel sounds amazing, I love the idea of themed rooms.

    Charlotte xo

  2. Awww the hotel sounds lovely and you sound like you had a great time, this is such a good idea! My two year is coming up with my boyfriend and this is much better than getting eachother presents! So cute xx

  3. This post is so lovely :)
    Looks like a lovely place to stay as well.

    Have a lovely new year!

  4. looks beautiful will definitely check this out for future special occasions!!!


  5. it looks amazing i would love to stay go to a themed hotel, congrats on your two years :) xx

  6. Wow that looks lovely! Glad you had a good time!
    Love Jess
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  7. you make such a cute couple!

    Emma x

  8. You two are so cute, i wish i had a lovely bf to do something like that with!

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. Gorgeous post!! That hotel looks amazing!! I wannt stay there!!! hehe! :)

    Congratulations on 2yrs together hannah, that's incredible :) A great way to celebrate it definitely xoxoxoxo

    Happy New Year xxxxxxxxx

  10. Adorbs!!! Congratulations, you two are seriously so cute, I love how you chose to have a little get away together as your "gifts" to one another. I'm a total sap myself so I don't mind the soppy posts at all(;

  11. Great post! I love your blog:)
    Following you now,hope you follow back...:)

  12. little trips away like this are always just perfect, & this boutique lodge literally looks soooo cute! love it, have been looking for cute places such as this so will look into this further!
    Lovely post xx

  13. I have just made my boyfriend read your post so he said he will think about taking me yayyyy!! it looks amazing with the different themes. We normally for little getaways stay in this lovely little log cabin so something different will be nice :)

    Following you now hun :) look forward to reading more yayyyy!!

    Love Emily xx

  14. Thats really nice, beatiful place to make our holiday memorable with its mesmerizing beauty.

    Thanks for sharing this with us,

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