Tuesday 11 December 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box | December

I feel a bit bad saying this, but I'm just really bored of these boxes now, I don't look forward to them and they don't excite me at all. Even when I open them up and see what's inside there hardly ever seems to be anything that I'm eager to try out. I'm forever miserable about these beauty boxes so my advice would be to not waste your money on a subscription to them because you only ever get sent a load of rubbish; there's probably going to be about 1 in 10 products that you'll actually use and enjoy enough to purchase the full sized version of, well atleast that's my experience of them.
Moans aside, here's December's box:

I expected the December box to be really special and different with it being Christmas and all - maybe a red box, or have snowflakes on it or something - but nope it was just regular run of the mill box except with one extra bonus product inside .. tea bags! Ha - you've got to laugh really don't you! Bonus Christmas treat of two tea bags.. One is 'Jade Sword Green Tea' and another is 'Jasmine Silver Needle'. I do like tea, I drink it daily but I've never tried any other variants other than the typical Tetleys so I'm curious to see what I make of these. 100 of these tea bags cost £30.00 so I hope they're good at £3 a brew! *edit - 30p a brew, haha idiot!

There was also an Amie Spring Clean Cooling Mask (full size) which cost £1.50 for a 15ml sachet but they are also available in a larger 75ml size. These have been in a box a few months ago and although it tingled my face to the point that it was uncomfortable and I had to wash it off almost straight away it did freshen up my skin, so I'll give it another go and hope for the best this time!
There were another two full sized products in the box; one of them a Technic nail varnish. My information card says these cost £1.25 but I know they can be found for 99p in the likes of Body Care. I think these nail varnishes are great as you get a full 12ml for such a cheap price and they're good quality too, not streaky or easily chip - plus the colour of this is beautiful! It's called Tawny Port and is a deep, rich purple.

The other full sized product is as a pair of colour contact lenses.. what? These cost £6.99 and are a one time use product so I am saving these for maybe Christmas day to see how many of my family members notice that my bright blue eyes have been switched for green! I am somebody who has never needed to wear contact lenses before and I'm a bit funny about things that go near my eye, I always have nightmares about waking up blind (!!) so I think I'm gonna be a little bit squeamish when it comes to putting these in - they look so weird!

This product looks quite exciting and they're called 'Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask' and I'm really unfamiliar with using anything like this before but they look so cool! There's no instructions for use anywhere on the packaging so I'm not sure if you use them once and throw them away, or if they're a reusable product. But these squidgy gold pockets are apparently infused with natural nutrients and anti-oxidents which stimulate collagen production and increase the skin's thickness and elasticity. Now, I'm only 20 so don't have huge eye area problems but I look forward to a little relax time, lying back and popping these on underneath my eyes to see what effects it has.

Last, but not least, are these two sachets from the Doctor Duve brand (never heard of it) and OH MY these are expensive!! I received a sachet of anti-aging eye cream, and also anti-aging face cream (although my card says skin boosting face cream, but oh well), and a 30ml tube of the eye cream costs £115 (!!!) and a 50ml pot of the fact cream costs £129 (!!!) - who spends that much on cream?? These had better be good, I'm expecting miracles if it's that price! I can't find it written anywhere how big my sample size is but I guess about around 3ml.. and that means that my eye cream sample sachet is worth £11.50. Wow.
So that's a little run over of what I received in my December She Said Beauty Box. It was actually okay this month! I like all of the products and look forward to using them, I'm just a little bit apprehensive about trying to put coloured contact lenses in, and also I hope the tea is nice!


  1. Usually if a face mask tingles it means its working so try to take it off even if its irritable you'll reap the benefits after. I've never subscribed to these boxes only glossybox and feel unique (before they cancelled them) and although these products aren't enough to tempt me at the moment I always enjoy discovering new brands. xx


  2. Looks okie, shame they repeated the Amie mask though ):

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I love a good Pamper - really like the nail varnish for winter!

    You have a lovely blog - I am pretty new to the blogging game, if you like my blog maybe we can follow each other?



  4. I will certainly consider your advice on these beauty boxes. Thank you for your honesty.

  5. The nail color you got is lovely & perfect for winter. I do think the colored contacts are a bit odd for a beauty box but I'd love to see what they're like when you use them! xx

  6. Well you know my opinion! Lol, I didn't get those contact lenses but I know what you mean, I'm quite funny about putting things near (or in) my eyes I bet they'll look pretty cool though... I was wondering the same thing about those gold undereye things too, no flippin instructions! I'll google them in a bit xx

  7. P.s. what is the pink glitter polish on your nail wheel? I love it!

  8. I agree that these beauty boxes aren't really worth the money. May as well spend the tenner on something you know will get used x


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