Saturday 8 December 2012

NOTD: Christmas Nails #1 | Rimmel Precious Stones (Ruby Crush)

Christmas Nails #1

Hello lovely ladies! Are you all as excited for Christmas as I am? Just 17 sleeps to go.
I've been stocking up on my glitter varnishes ready to add a bit of glitz and glamour to my nails for the party season ahead, and two of Rimmel's new releases have joined my collection. Rimmel's Precious Stones collection consists of just two shades: a silver (diamond dust) and a red (ruby crush). This red shade is a super sparkly opaque red glitter with a few chunkier silver particles thrown in the mix for a bit of added dimension. It's really high coverage with just two coats needed to completely cover the nail and it dries incredibly quickly. Very eye catching and perfect for Christmas.

I'd really like to excuse my nails at the moment.. I feel like they look disgusting! I've lost misplaced my cuticle oil that I usually use so now my cuticles are all dry and ugly - ew! I love Christmas but I hate winter ..the cold weather does nothing for my skin!

Plus, this nail varnish chips like a bitch. I'd been wearing this for less than 18 hours when I took these photographs and there's already more than a few noticable chips - not great. Still pretty though.



  1. Such a shame this nail polish chips as the colour is beautiful. Perfect for Christmas.

  2. I really love this! It has the exact same effect as a glitter top coat but saving you so much time! Love it!


  3. It is really pretty!

    I see you have the Ciate Advent Calendar I did some nail art using the colours here:

  4. gorgeous nails, especially for winter. xx

  5. Perfect Xmas polish minus the chipping of course! You must be snowed under with all the nail polish you have :)


  6. So pretty but chips bug the hell out of me! Such a shame <3

  7. I bought the grey version of this yesterday however I wish I got this one too now I didn't even think of coating it on top a red polish, blank moment. It's looks fab! I bought an amazing gold polish from h&m today definitely my favourite glitter effect at the moment xx

  8. I bought this the other day too.. its so nice the first day but then its all chipped the next day... but its so cute that I won't be mad about it.

    thanks for the post



  9. I picked this up in Boots yesterday, its beautiful and so festive.

  10. Gorgeous colour, not a bad price either~!


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