Monday 31 December 2012

Instagram Diary | December ♥

I've been a little bit instagram obsessed in the past 4-5 weeks and have gone into picture upload overload! I usually put up about 20-25 pictures in a month, but for December however, my picture upload was well over 100. The combination of a daily upload from my Ciate advent calendar, being surrounded by pretty festive things to take pictures of, plenty of time off, lots of nights out and lots and lots of shopping, i.e. hauls and new products, has led to me being super snap happy!
I sifted through my 142 uploaded pictures this month to try and find the ones I thought would best summarise my month / be interesting and have compiled them into a collage below. Like last month, I have linked the caption to a relevant blog post if there is one so you can read more if you want to, and for more pictures my Instagram username is: Hannahripley1 ♥

Lady Million EDP | Matching Lipstick & Nails | Lush Christmas Shower Gels
My Mum's Christmas Present | Rimmel 'Diamond Dust' | Lush Order

Navy Glamorous Disco Pants | Ciate Advent Calendar | Lush 'Christmas Eve' Bubble Bar
Giveaway Prize from Chloe's Way | Topshop 'Green Room' | Las Iguanas

Avon Nail Wear Pro+ 'Cosmic Blue' | Lush 'Melting Snowman' Bath Melt | Benefit 'She's So Jetset' Set
Feel Unique Order | Primark Jewellery | Hot Chocolate

Huuuge Collective Haul | Ciate 'Bumble Bee' Caviar Pearls | Birthday Pandora Charms
Models Own 'Jack Frost' and 'Utopia' | Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' | Models Own 'Northern Lights'

'Black Eye Friday' Night Out | Me & Jeri | Boxing Day Night Out
John in Las Iguanas in Liverpool | Cocktail Party OOTN - Primark Midi Dress | John in Bowness


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  1. How do you find the fit of the glamorous disco pants? i have the AA ones but the price puts me off buying them again! xxx


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