Thursday 6 December 2012

ASOS, Feel Unique & eBay Beauty Haul

Okay, we all know I've got a shopping problem, that was established a longgg time ago, and yes I am looking into rehab for exessive shoppers.. or maybe just confiscation of the bank card.
In this post are the little beauty bits and bobs that I have picked up in recent weeks and this was originally intended to be an 'online beauty haul' post ..until I accidentally stepped foot inside Superdrug too.
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How amazing are these super bright neon orange make-up brushes from ASOS? I absolutely love them! They were so inexpensive too; the set of 5 brushes originally cost £10.00 but I bought mine whilst there was a 20% discount code going around and got mine for £8.00 with free postage. The handles are quite short, making them easy to work with and the bristles are soo soft - plus, you'll never lose them in your make-up bag when they're this bright! The set includes: a powder brush, a lip brush, a shading brush, an angled brush and a blending brush.
Feel Unique
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I moan lots about my She Said Beauty Box subscription but there is no denying that it has introduced me to some amazing products that I otherwise would never have tried! In November's box there was a sample size of Redken's new Smooth Lock shampoo and conditioner duo which I didn't think much of at the time of use.. but 6 days after washing when my hair was still perfectly styled, smooth, frizz free and minimal traces of greasy roots (nice, I know), I was very impressed. I could not stop running my fingers through my hair, amazed at how soft my dry and damaged ends were so I just knew that I had to purchase the full sized bottles. They're not cheap at about £11 a bottle so I never would have taken the plunge if I hadn't tried out a sample of them first. Available on Feel Unique at the moment is a gift set version of the duo with the full sized bottles available as a pair for just £17.00 saving you a huge 15% as RRP of the pair is £25.25.
Ermmmm.. did somebody say '3 for 2'? Such an irresistable offer! I picked up the Rimmel Precious Stones nail varnish in 'Diamond Dust' because I already have the red one (Ruby Crush) and love it to pieces but on all swatches that I have seen this silver version looks much nicer so I thought that I would give this a try too as you can never have too many nail varnishes.
Another thing that you can never have too many of is lipsticks! I picked up this very bright pink shade from Rimmel's Kate Moss range in shade 20 as it is an apparant dupe for Mac's 'Girl About Town' at a fraction of the price - and look how well it matches my nail varnish! (See picture below)
My third, and technically free product was MUA's 'undressed' eyeshadow palette, which, as the name suggests is a dupe for Urban Decay's 'Naked' palette - why spend £36 when you can spend £4?? MUAs shadows are amazing quality, super pigmented and long lasting, and I was looking to extend my collection of their singles so just thought why not pick up a palette with 12 shades in instead.

I found a seller on eBay who I'm sure will gain a lot of business from me in the future: hairproductsonline_ltd and their stock is like a hair care and bargain lover's dream! I'd been eyeing up this Macadamia Infused Hair Brush on Beauty Bay (link) for literally months but was reluctant to spend £16.75 on just another brush when I already have so many when I saw it being sold on eBay for £15.99 but with a 10ml bottle of the oil treatment too then I was sold and clicked purchase right away (link). Browsing this seller's stock I also noticed that they sold bottles of the Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment in various sizes. On Feel Unique this Osmo Berber oil costs £5.90 for 10ml but I found it for £3.20 on eBay (link) - if I can save £2.70 on something then I will; every little helps.
[Full reviews coming soon]
Last but not least.. I fell for the Bioderma hype and bought the make up remover solution in the 250ml bottle! You can shop around for it on eBay but I found it for the cheapest price that I saw and it was £7.49 plus £2.79 postage costs totalling £10.28 (link) which is quite an expensive total for something which is essentially a bottle of glorified water that can take your make up at the end of the day, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I've been using this daily for nearly 2 weeks now and my views on are just a bit 'meh', it's okay but not worth the hassle of buying from overseas or the price tag.
I know I should be shopping for Christmas presents instead of bankrupting myself on superficial treats but all of these were just irresistable!
Have you ever tried and loved anything that I've bought here?


  1. The brushes and the Kate Moss lipstick are my favs..lovee bright colors!

  2. There are definitely a few things I want now, I love my naked palettes but everyone goes on about these mua palettes so i'm tempted. The same with the precious stones polish! xx

  3. Brilliant post Hannah! I love a good nose and feel quite reassured that others have a spending problem too ha!

    Those brushes are gorgeous! I love bright brushes, BDellium do some super fun bright green ones :)

    Interested to know what you think about the Bioderma water, everyone's obsessed with it do I definitely want to try it too xx

  4. Great haul, I really think I need to check out Feel Unique! Is it bad I've never once visited the website?!

    The Kate Moss lipstick is gorgeous, I'll have to pick that up!

    I swear by the Bioderma Crealine H2O - by far and away the best I have ever used. xx

  5. Great haul, the brushes and that nail polish look great!

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. i have those models own brushes!!! :) :)I think they're brilliant!! SOo bright as well although i've nt used them yet. I also love that MUA palette I think it's an amazing dupe of the Naked Palette! :) I also adore Kate's lipsticks I have several of the red ones and a couple of the blacks! hehe :) It's a shame the Bioderma hasn't lived upto the hype, that's something that I'd rather not waste my money on unless I was in France and could easily buy it (if it wasn't to expensive of course!) :)

    Nice haul but er wht about Christmas?!?! hehe! xoxo

  7. Amazing haul!! I love feel unique, I am hoping they put their sale on again soon so I can go crazy. I have tried the Berber oil and would recommend it. xxx

  8. Love how you can always find a bargain on Ebay! That lipsticks nice for the party season too :)

  9. this is a great haul! i love the MUA palette it is beautiful,and im a huge redken fan,i am a hairdresser and i always recommend it the all soft shampoo and conditioner is really nice too :)
    i am you're newest follower!

  10. Looking forward to you reviewing the Macadamia oil and brush. I've been looking for a new brush for a while and saw something similar but wasn't sure if it was just a gimmick! x



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