Wednesday 5 December 2012

Happy Birthday To Me | Half Way To 40!

If you follow me on Twitter (@hannahripley) or Instagram (hannahripley1) then you will already know this - because I haven't shut up about it - but it was my birthday on Friday and I hit that big old milestone of 20 years old. I did a post on Monday about the presents that I generously received and I basically just showcased a huge mound of sweets.. so if you want to tease your sweet tooth or have a nosy at what else I was treated to, including The Body Shop and Benefit goodies and a Ciate Mini Mani Month then you can see the post here: (link). This is just a post with a couple more pictures sharing the antics from the week and the weekend, hope you all enjoy.

Even Google wished me a happy birthday!

Birthday girl with her cake and candle  |  Cute cupcake & card
Cake made by my mum  Full fry up made in the morning by John
Surprise MoonPig card from my best friend, Lucy  'Lovely' morning text from John
Banner on the front door of uni house  Banner on my bedroom door at home
Presents from the girls at uni  'Create your own' badge & Arthur Christmas film 

♥ Favourite texts from the day: 'fellow booty shaker'  |  Favourite texts from the day: 'blogging buddy' 
♥ More favourite texts from the day - how cute that my grandparents have learnt to text?! 
♥ Uni girls   'Uni family' 
♥ Jager shots to start the night   Beer pong! 
♥  Out in Preston #1 |  Out in Preston #2 
♥ Out in Preston #3   Out in Preston #4 
♥ More picture with the girls   Surprise Moonpig card from Lucy 
♥ Popular day for bloggers birthdays!  | Free cookie from Subway made my day 

I do love a good collage!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    40 may seem so far, but it happens so quick! I am going to be 35 in Jan! YIKES!

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a good one =) xx

  3. I'm hungry after seeing that cake and breakfast.

  4. happy birthday, looks like you had an amazing day!!!

  5. woo my text made your post! haha hope you had a fab time babes xxx


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