Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012 & Gifts

I hope you've all had a really wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the overload of festivity over the past couple of days - I know I have! I have definitely consumed enough alcohol, chocolate, turkey and pigs in blankets to be able to last me until Christmas 2013. I've been carrying a little food baby around with me all day today and had a total of 4 outfit changes last night in order to find something that hid my super bloated tummy! Damn all those Christmas puddings and fruit ciders.

I've been totally in two minds about the 'What I Got For Christmas' posts and was originally really keen to write one up myself . I have read every single one that I've seen so far and had a huge nosy on Instagram on Christmas afternoon of all the uploaded opened present pictures; I just find them really interesting to look at! But when I heard people saying it's bragging and nothing more than showing off how spoilt you are and that put me right off doing one! I don't want to be a braggy show off :( I doubt anybody intends it that way at all, and that's not the way I see it either, it's just any other haul post really isn't it? But little old me worries about judgement from others (even though I shouldn't) and thought that maybe instead I should just not mention anything at all and individually review each of the beauty items over time. In the end I settled on a compromise and I've just combined a quick Christmas recap and a really brief mention of the presents because most are beauty related and girly but I'll still be doing full reviews of all of them so keep your eyes peeled because there'll be exciting stuff coming up in future posts!
Christmas was a little different for our family this year and I was apprehensive in the run up to it all, fearing that as we weren't sticking to our usual traditions that it wouldn't feel like Christmas at all - but all my worrying was for nothing and Christmas Day and all of the surrounding days were just as lovely as usual! Christmas Eve was spent cosy infront of the fire watching The Grinch and Prince Caspian and eating chinese takeaway after I had pampered myself to the absolute extreme, before lying in bed for hours and hours being too excited to sleep (seriously, how old?!) and it felt like I'd only had my eyes closed for a second before my sister came bounding in dragging me up to open our presents at quarter past 7! After all presents had been opened and 'thank you's had been exchanged then the preparation for Christmas dinner began and this year we were hosting the family dinner at our house - it is usually at my grandparent's house and they have 14 of us round for dinner but they just didn't feel up to the stress of it this year!
It's rubbish quality but here's a picture of my mum's idea of funny.. dressing the four of us in matching Christmas jumpers from Primark! I kept mine on all day but nobody else did :(
..And my mum clearly gets her sense of humour from her own mother because here is the family Christmas present from our Gran.. make of it what you will!
I don't want to ramble on too much about my Christmas Day but after our yummy three course meal we wound down with cups of tea and plenty of family laughs and a couple more present exchanges and a dip in the hot tub! My boyfriend and my sister's boyfriend both came around in the evening and we had a buffet style tea and then even more present exchanges! Followed by more stuffing our faces with sweets and cider before lying in bed watching The Dark Knight Rises feeling 3 stone heavier!! Boxing Day.. same again! Huuge family meal but this time followed by a girls night out in town and I really enjoyed myself - today is recovery day though.
My 'main present' from my parents was a laptop that I got early because my old one died a slow and painful death back in October, and mostly from my relatives I received money and cheques which I've used for just one treat in the sales and that's a new YSL Touche Eclat, and all of the rest of the money will be put towards a 2013 summer holiday! The pictures below are my 'stocking fillers' and the presents I received from my sister, boyfriend and boyfriend's mum - Of course I'm a very lucky girl to have received all of these really lovely things and I'm very grateful and appreciate them all!
Zip Hoodie (Topshop) from John, Christmas Jumper (Primark) from my mum, Embellished Jumper (Dorothy Perkins) from John's family, Studded lace body (Primark) from my mum, Dress (Republic) from my sister.
Nail Varnishes - High Voltage and Razmatazz (Topshop) and Studded Phone Clutch (Urban Outfitters) from John, Lock and Key Charm (Pandora) from John, Desperate Housewives Season 8 from John, Lady Million EDP from John, Perfume Set from Grandma, Pandora Mirror from my mum, Next Jewellery from a friend of the family. 
Lee Stafford Argan Oil Gift Set from my mum, Ojon Rare Blend Oil from my mum, Moroccanoil from John, Philip Kingsley Conditioner and Elasticizer from my Nanna.
How exciting!! Beauty lovers dream!!
More stocking fillers; some from my mum and some from my sister. Chocolate and sweets, beauty bits; deodrant, moisturiser, eyelashes, candles, socks and PJs!
 Every year it seems the build up to Christmas is so huge and the day can sometimes not live up to it's enormous hype, but this year I didn't feel too excited in the countdown to the big day but I enjoyed myself 10x more - or atleast that's what it felt like but I'm sure I say that it was my 'best Christmas ever' every single year!
I've well and truly indulged myself in an excessive amount of food and drink, spent quality time with all of my family and had lots of fun nights out with my friends, and been spoilt with beautiful gifts!
I hope that Christmas was as good for all of you as it was for me!


  1. Gorgeous photos , you got spoilt you lucky girl :) xxx

  2. Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous! Cute pictures - thanks for sharing! x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely christmas!
    You got some lovely christmas pressies :)

  4. I feel exactly the same! I want to do a post on all of my gifts but I don't want it to look like I'm bragging... And I'm completely bloated too! Hehe:) you got some beautiful gifts. My faily were all sticking to traditions this year too but it got to the point where we couldn't do it anymore and enjoyed it in a new way :)xx

  5. it all looks very nice :)

  6. Glad you had a fabulous christmas lovely :) wow i love the embellished jumper! its beautiful! xx

  7. Ohh you got such lovely things, so jealous of all the beauty bits you got! Xxx

  8. Such a lovely post. For some reason, I love reading about other girls' holidays. I think seeing all the love in the world makes me feel loved too.

    Oh you got Desperate Housewives! I miss that show.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  9. If people don't like this type of post then stuff 'em, they're probably just jealous! Personally I love a nose at what people have received/bought.

    Looks like you had a great Christmas! The matching family jumpers are awesome, exactly what Christmas is all about IMO :)


  10. I love these posts, I wanna see what everyone got. I love the shot of everyone in the same jumper. The pandora bracelet is really nice too x

  11. Lovely pressies and great photos, I LOVE PIGS IN BLANKETS.

    Sophierosehearts x

  12. Haha those ceramic salt and pepper pots cracked me up! Brilliant. Glad you had a nice Xmas Xx.

  13. Aww, you got some lovely presents. I have that UO clutch too, its great. xx


  14. Lovely post! I love the matching Christmas jumpers... too cute. You got some lovely things, I too got the Lady Million perfume... its gorgeous :D


  15. Wow, that Lock & Key charm looks absolutely precious, I think I will need one too! Looked like you had fun and received amazing presents! Happy New Year girly x

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