Saturday 20 July 2013

Impulse Haul: Nails and Lips

My major downfall when it comes to shopping splurges is without a doubt nail varnishes and lipsticks. I already own way, way more than I could ever use up in my lifetime.. but for some reason these are the two areas that I'm constantly drawn to and always feel like I need more.

I made two swift and spontaneous online orders last week; the first from Fragrance Direct while I was hunting for bargain £1.99 Essie shades but only found one that looked wearable: Mojito Madness. While I was there I thought I might as well make the order worthwhile and throw a few more things into the online basket (as you do), so clicked my way over to the OPI section and ordered three shades for just £3.99 each: Ladies and Magenta-men (a shade that I mentioned I was lusting after in this OPI nails post I wrote here), Elephantastic Pink, and Kiss Me On My Tulips. No, you cannot have too many different shades of pink nail varnish, contrary to what any boyfriend may tell you. 

I then discovered that Bourjois' fairly recently released Rouge Edition lipsticks were available for a discounted price from the Bourjois store via Amazon and I purchased two shades for the slightly cheaper price of £5.99 each. If you like these lipsticks you can find the seller here, and I plan to do a full post on the shades that I have very shortly - so keep your eyes peeled! I also snapped up a Barry M lipstick in my favourite lip colour: bright fuschia - a shade you also cannot have too many of. This is called Punky Pink (145) and you can find it on Amazon here.

Phew! Stop me shopping - Please!
Look out for future posts coming soon on the Bourjois lipsticks and the OPI nail varnishes. The Barry M lipstick may also make it's way into a 'Girl About Town' dupes post that I am planning.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. LOVE those pink lipsticks!! You should try Mint Candy Apple from Essie, its such a great color on everyone!

  2. That Essie nail varnish looks so nice! I agree, no-one can ever have enough pink nail varnishes!

    Bea xx

  3. I am loving pink at the moment too! Especially neon! And OPI is such a great brand

    Kerry X

  4. You are absolutely right, you can never have enough pink nail polishes, especially neon pink :)

  5. Ooh some lovely colours of polish in your haul:)

  6. The Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks are so lovely! I really need to go pick up a few more shades.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  7. Everything looks great, especially the lipsticks :)

  8. These are all such lovely colours, i wish i suited bright pinks

  9. Loove your picks, the pink nail polishes especially :D xx

  10. Oooo opi is my favourite. Love the shades you brought.

  11. I'm the exact same Hannah. We girls can never have enough pink nail polishes or any shade for that matter. haha :) Love your latest picks. The OPI nail polishes all look lovely. Can't wait to see a post with swatches :)

  12. omg that's a lot of lipsticks and nail polish!!! anyway, congrats on being shortlisted!!! <3

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup

  13. Ahhhh why would you post this !!
    stright on tp the FD site ;) hahaa.

    Trying to restrain myself but so many pretty colours.
    good choices :)

    Alex ox,


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