Tuesday 23 July 2013

Review: Denman D6 Be-Bop Shower Brush

Hey, we all love a little novelty in our lives - don't we? I knew from the moment I saw this D6 Shower Brush* from Denman, nicknamed the 'Be-Bop', that it would be something I'd love! It's as simple as it looks: a palm-held take on the traditional hairbrush to detangle wet or dry hair, in a similar fashion to the infamous Tangle Teezer. I love and adore my Tangle Teezer, but at £11 for some plastic bristles that aren't looking as though they'll last forever, it's not something I'm keen to repurchase. However, when these Denman detangling brushes are just £3.50 each, I'll take one in every colour!

There's no excess bulkiness and they have a very 'no frills' design. They fit snugly into the palm of the hand and are secured with the comfy plastic strap to hold the hand in place - no dropping this like I do with my Tangle Teezer! Anyone else find their Tangle Teezer quite difficult to hold comfortably? The soft flexible bristles on the Be-Bop glide through the hair without any tugging or pulling and effortlessly detangle the thickest of mops. They can also be used in the shower to distribute product such as conditioners and masks evenly through the hair, and offer a gentle scalp massage when used at the roots - which we all know helps to stimulate the blood flow and encourages hair growth.

This is a nifty little helper for my hair that brightens up my bathroom with it's vibrant orange colour and I have been reaching for this to detangle my wet hair every single time I wash it. I love it and would highly recommend it, especially for the price!

Available in a wide range of colours, these Be-Bop brushes are available from
www.denmanbrush.com for just £3.50 each.

* (c/o) Denman


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  1. This looks like it'll work for me even better than the tangle teezer and it sooo much cheaper! always thought these type of brushes were ridiculously overpriced but thats a bargain x

  2. God the tangle teezer is so difficult to hold! It could definitely use a strap like this one!


  3. I think this looks just fantastic! I got a tangleteezer for my birthday and I love how it works but I do think that little handle is just a genius addition- plus, I'd take no-frills if it means a lower price any day of the week! I might get one of these for travelling with as I think they look lovely xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  4. What a neat idea! I'm not a big lover of the tangle teezer b/c it doesn't do anything for my tangles and always falls out of my hand as the silly thing doesn't have a handle! Will have a little look at these now! X


  5. I need something similar to this! My hair is constantly falling out due to me combing it!

  6. i can't believe how cheap it is - what a bargain! I'm forever flinging my tangle teaser in all directions, so the handle will definitely come in handy! xx

  7. These brushes are perfect because they are wide enough so they dont break the hair went wet such a good find!


  8. I can't believe how cheap this is! I'm the same as you with finding the tangle teezer pretty hard to hold - I'm always accidently launching it across the room whenever I brush my hair. Definitely will be buying this!
    Lydia xoxo

  9. Oh my gosh this is so cheap... I LOVE it :D I also love the colour, and the handle would be fab to pop on a hook in the shower to let it drip dry! Your hair is sooooo long lovely xx

    Gemma | ˟˟ Miss Makeup Magpie ˟˟

  10. Wow this looks like such a nice brush! And its really affordable. I have ridiculous tangles in my hair so I will have to get this! :)

    Amina || Blog ||Oh Just One More||

  11. The brush looks awesome! and so cheap :DDD

  12. This seems like the kind of product that I desperately need! x

  13. I haven't seen this brush before, neither have I seen any reviews yet! But when I stumbled across this post, I admit that I'm tempted now!! And at that price, I don't even feel bad. I have really thick, wavy hair and it gets SOOO knotty. My tangle teezer is my favourite thing, but this would be handy just to keep in the shower! Love the blog, think I'm gonna have a little scroll through your posts :) I've only just recently set up my own blog & your reviews of products seem really helpful!




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