Tuesday 16 July 2013

Nails: Ciate 'Speed Dial'

Still working my way through all those bottles of Ciate nail polish that I received in my Selfiridges Mini Mani Month advent calendar all those months ago ..Still. 24 new colours seemed like fun at the time, but now I just feel guilty because most of them haven't been used yet - slap my wrist and call me wasteful! But here is a shade that I picked out from the bunch yesterday and it looked very seasonally appropriate, so onto my finger tips it went.

It was a tricky one to photograph because it looks a slightly different shade depending on different lights and in some pictures it looked like a blood red, and in others looked a pastel coral shade. In true light I'd describe Speed Dial as a creamy combination of a burnt orange and a coral red. It's the perfect way to wear bright orange on the nails without it being too over the top and in your face like a lot of vibrant orange shades can be. Plus it puts a summer twist on the classic red nails by adding a creamy orange hint to the colour.

I found the application to be a little bit sheer at first and it did take three coats to reach full opacity, but it is worth noting that the dry time was extremely quick and I wasn't left sitting with tacky nails for any length of time. From past experience with Ciate polishes they can last a good 4-5 days without any chipping and the nice, wide brush provides easy and even application. 

If the shade takes your fancy I did happen to spot it in the Beauty Bay sale for a 20% saving of £7.20 / 13.5ml as opposed to the regular price of £9.00. (You're welcome!)

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  1. lovely colour! i love wearing polishes like this opposed to red


  2. This colour is stunning xxxx


  3. Love the colour! Looks amazing.


  4. This is my fave type of nail shade! The Ciaté minis are so cuuute!
    Emma x

  5. Such a gorgeous vibrant colour!

  6. Gorgeous colour, I love the bottes of these nail polishes! x

  7. Lovely colour


  8. Gorgeous colour! I love Ciate nail varnishes.
    Charlotte xxx Something Special To Say

  9. LOVE this colour - perfect for summer and tanned skin. I must get a few more of the Ciate polishes - i only have 2 :( Just voted for you in the cosmo blog awards beaut <3 good luck :) x x

  10. Love this colour, so gorgeous and bright! I also voted for you in the Cosmo awards, love your blog :)

    Kat x Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle


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