Friday 19 July 2013

N Spa Beauty and Bathing Rituals

Hey lovelies. If you're up for a little pampering this weekend then I have just the trick for you today! Earlier this month I was contacted by N Spa and asked if I was interested in trying out one of their 'Blogger Bags'* that they had available, containing 6 mini products: 3 from their Bathing Rituals range, and 3 from their Beauty Rituals range. Having tried a couple of N Spa bath and shower products in the past and thoroughly enjoying them, I couldn't pass up the generous opportunity to try out some more! All the products shown in photographs in this post are 'mini' versions of the products that you can buy in stores (also from Asda online too). 

N Spa products are stocked exclusively in Asda stores, and although my local Asda is pretty limited in it's beauty aisles (much to my disappointment), it does have a good selection of N Spa products that I frequently gaze at while accompanying my mum on the weekly food shop. Unfortunately, she is now wise to my *quick, slip some stuff in the trolley while she's not looking!* game (20 year olds can still play that - right?), and she now promptly removes any beauty goodies that have snuck into the shopping trolley - boo! I guess she is right though when she tells me that I already have an excessive amount of products... or is she? ;) Obviously I'm just going to have to get her to try out a selection of these products below to convince her of why our food shop needs to be accompanied by some N Spa pampering from now on!

N Spa stock super duper affordable products in three different ranges/categories: Bathing Rituals, Beauty Rituals and Hair Rituals. The products don't have a cheap feel to them at all and could be passed off as an almost high end brand because of the clean and professional packaging, and the fact that the product inside the bottles is actually very good! They've got quite a Boots No7 kind of feel to them, but I much prefer these to No7's skincare, and I think I may now even opt for these products over Soap and Glory bath time treats! 

Bathing Rituals
The bathing rituals consists of a three step 'cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise' routine and is made up of 8 products in total.

Step One (Cleanse): Jojoba and White Jasmine Moisturising Shower and Body Wash £2.45 / 225ml
Step Two (Exfoliate): Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish £2.95 / 225ml
Step Three (Moisturise): Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion £3.95 / 250ml

The bathing rituals consists of a range of slightly different variants for each step, i.e. you could opt for a mousse or a milk instead of a wash, or a scrub instead of a polish, and a body butter instead of a lotion - so take your pick and mix and match what you want your routine to be made up of, but you can see that anybody can enjoy these products whatever your budget! All of the products are great quality and I particularly love how lightweight the lotion is and how quickly it sinks into the skin, but still leaves it feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Beauty Rituals
The beauty rituals consists of a four step 'cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturise' routine and is made up of 12 products in total.

Step One (Cleanse): Melting Cleansing Gel £6.00 / 250ml
Step Two (Exfoliate): Hot Cloth Polish £7.00 / 250ml
Step Three (Treat): Illuminating Beauty Serum £7.00 / 250ml

The beauty rituals isn't as clear cut as the bathing rituals and doesn't make the custom pick 'n' mix idea as simple, but it is still some pretty amazing skincare. I'll be honest and say that the illuminating serum is one that I haven't tried yet, but I've used both the melting cleansing gel and the hot cloth polish to remove make up and cleanse my face and found both of them fantastic! As I said above, I prefer these so much more to No7's skincare which also stocks a melting gel and a hot cloth cleanser. The melting cleansing gel is actually working it's way towards being a potential new favourite cleanser, and for the price I'm sure I'll be repurchasing the full size soon!

Hopefully next time you do a food shop in Asda you will detour to your beauty aisles and try out some N Spa products. I promise you that they're lovely and they're really affordable too. You'd be crazy not to try them!

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* (c/o) N Spa

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  1. I love hot cloth cleansers, I saw this onewhilst doing my weekly shop but didn't end up buying it, do you think its as good as other hot cloth cleansers? (if you have tried others!)

  2. I absolutely love the Body Lotion (smells so good!) and I found the Hot Cloth Polish was just as good (if not better) than the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I got a set for Christmas including these 3 skincare bits and also a day cream for £15 - bargain! xx

  3. I'm currently using their eye cream and i really like it! Haven't tried any of these though, they look lovely too!

    Kerry X

  4. I picked up some N Spa goodies in Asda the other week & really like them. They are such good value for money. I love their Coconut body scrub & body butter!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I can never get the hot cloth cleanser it's always out of stock :( xx


  6. I found these on an unexpected jaunt to Asda and convinced Mike that we needed to buy these and that my world wouldn't turn anymore if we didnt! - ok well maybe thats over dramatising it but I competely agree with you on the melting cleanser! I love mine and use it pretty much every day! It seems to help prevent any breakouts and doesnt dry my skin out at all! - I tried the exfoliating scrubs instead of the hot cloth - they didnt have that when I was in! And i have to admit I've been less wowed by that - maybe I havent given it much of a chance as I very quickly went back to my usual scrub. But this range is brilliant and definately a winner for me!



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