Wednesday 3 July 2013

Monthly Favourites | June

I hate to be the one to break out the cliche and talk about how quickly the year is going, but the fact that June is now over equals the hard hitting fact that we are halfway through 2013. Already?! Time needs to slow down; it's gonna be Christmas again before we know it! 

There's quite a few holiday related products within this post, but I went away in June so that is to be expected within this month's favourites. Hopefully if you have an upcoming holiday then this could help you with some key products that you should be looking to get your paws on to take away with you, because every single one of these has been a staple for me over the past few weeks:

Garnier Ambre Solaire Tan Maintaining After Sun
You might think that aftersun is an odd product to include as a monthly favourite, and that's what I thought when I saw it in Beth/Bird's Words's favourites from May too, but it struck an interest with me and seeing it half price in Boots for only about £3 led me to throw it in my basket. Aftersun is an absolute essential on holidays, and even in the UK on those occasional rare sunny days, to give your skin back all of the moisture that's been lost from the sun/heat, and the last thing anybody wants is for their skin to peel - ew, peeling shoulders! So this after sun lotion does it's job of rehydrating and soothing your baked skin, but it also has a subtle (it's not that subtle actually) fake tan ingredient within it too, to help boost and deepen your natural tan. Call it cheating if you will, but my skin takes a while to upgrade from anything other than milky white so I needed a little innocent help to feel good in my bikini and other skimpy clothing. Waking up in the morning ready for a day by the pool already looking gently sunkissed and bronzed all over my skin without the biscuity smell and without the risk of further sun damage left me feeling pretty smug. 

Avene Eau Thermale Spray
Another holiday must-have was this cooling spray from Avene. I also got one from La Roche Posay and I'm planning a comparison post of the two, but this should give you a prior indication that Avene was my preferred choice. It's not anything to get overly excited about, as it is more or less just a can of really purifed water that sprays out in a very fine, cool mist to refresh the skin. It was really lovely to use in hot and humid weather to refresh the skin, as well as cooling any areas that may be burnt or irritated - I found it particularly useful to use on my legs to remedy a collection of super itchy bites from some critter that feasted on me whilst I was riding a camel!

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Spray
Ahh, good old Aussie and their aaaamazing smelling hair products! Having naturally thick and course hair that is prone to frizz, and in humid conditions - extreme frizz, I always need something on hand to help keep my hair as smooth as possible, because sometimes even the most intense of conditioners can't quite handle it! A leave-in conditioner is one the best products for dry and frizzy hair, and this one is particularly great. It helps to detangle the hair and make it more manageable, as well as adding a long-lasting boost of moisture and nourishment into the hair in a quick and easy spritz.

Models Own Nail Varnishes: Bora Bora and Hedonist
For the past 5-6 weeks Hedonist barely ever left my fingernails, and it's even on right now. It's quite unusual, infact more like unheard of, for me to remove my nail varnish and then repaint it the same colour straight away again, especially not three times in a row! But maaan, I do love this colour. It's a really bright orange shade that crosses over into the realm of super neon. I did a full post on Bora Bora complete with more pictures of it on my nails that you can see here, and this is a beautiful really fine gold glitter polish that coats the nails opaquely in just two coats, without the need for a base colour.

Bare Minerals 'Prime Time' Neutralising Foundation Primer*
Following my full review on this primer, I received a couple of comments from people stating that they had never actually heard of the neutralising version of this award-winning primer before, confirming that I'm not the only person who's radar this amazing product had slipped under. This is an interesting yellow toned neutralising/colour correcting primer that helps to balance out redness in the skin and subdue the appearance of any blemishes and imperfections, all while creating a flawless and smoother base in preparation for make-up.

Bourjois Radiant Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation
After hearing every woman and their mother talk about their love for this foundation, I was too tempted to try it out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. Let me tell you this: This foundation deserves all of the hype it is receiving and more. I've said it before, but this is without a doubt the best foundation to hit high street shelves since Rimmel Wake Me Up. This offers a long lasting medium coverage that feels light on the skin and gives a fantastic looking base, helping the skin to look bright, awake and healthy - all for less than £10!

MUA Power Pout in Runway
You can see my full review on a pair of these Power Pouts (Runway and Broken Hearted) by clicking here, where I gush in depth about how much I love them. For only £3, yes that's right - £3.00, these crayon style balm and stain hybrids are one of the best on the market, offering moisturisation to the lips with a bold splash of bright and pigmented long lasting colour. The shade Runway was my staple evening colour every single night on holiday as it is a really bright orange toned red.

So, that's what I've been loving through the month of June - what have you been loving?


  1. i absolutely love aussie leave in conditioner xxx

  2. I desperately need to go and invest in that tan maintainer, I can’t bare to watch my holiday tan fading like it is!x

  3. I have to try that bourjous healthy mix foundation, havent heard one bad review about it!x

  4. I love love love the bourjois healthy mix foundation! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life

  5. I love the leave in conditioner too, it makes my hair dry quicker as well which is always a massive bonus!

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. I havent tried any of these but I love the original healthy mix! Beth May Blogs

  7. I heard about the Garnier after sun from other bloggers, but kind of dismissed it, but you’re convincing me otherwise! I might have to go and check it out now. Great review. Love the blog too! xx

  8. Been putting off buying the Bourjois Radiant Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation for ages now but I think after reading this I'm going to have to finally give in... xx

  9. Fab favourites lovely! I really like that Avene spray - I imagine its beaut on holiday to cool down with! I also love Hedonist - its definitely up there with my ultimate fave nail polishes! I really want to try one of the MUA power pouts too - this shade looks fab! I was looking at the new Bourjois ones in Boots today and they're so pigmented and glossy so it would be interesting to see how the MUA ones compare!! Xx.

  10. I love the Aussie conditioner, I have re-purchased it so many times! I think the MUA Power Pouts are such a bargain, I need to get more shades in my life!xx

  11. Great post! I own the old version of the Healthy Mix but really want to get my hands pn the new version since everyone seems to be saying its improved! I find the original version amazing as it is already haha

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  12. Hello Hannah,

    I'm also taking the freedom of leaving you this comment because I'm currently working on a fashion-related dissertation for my MSc. I'm doing a survey about the perception of young women towards today's fashion luxury brands, and if you, or any of your lovely reader, could take 5 mins and complete it, that would help me a lot :)
    Here the link of my survey:
    Thank you very much!

    Lou ♥

    Ps:I'm addicted to the Aussi brand as well haha. Works amazingly on damaged hair


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