Saturday 30 March 2013

Chill Out and Pamper | Weekend Treat

Long weekend or no long weekend, Saturday's will always be my 'pamper day'. Whether it's preparation for a night out later that evening or just a general unwind from the week that's been, everyone needs that little bit of 'me time' to chill out and look after your body. I have so many products hoarded away that I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to what hair mask I'll slap on or what moisturiser I'll be treating my legs too, but here are my picks for this week's pamper:

When I'm going all out with my hair I have such a long winded way of doing things because I prefer to avoid washing my hair in the bath. Firstly I start by washing my hair over the side of the bath to shampoo and condition my hair and today I'll be using Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner as these are such a luxury duo and leave my hair feeling silky soft and smooth; as the name would suggest. After this I will towel dry my hair by squeezing out the excess water on the ends and apply a generous amount of the accompanying hair mask: Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk and this just intensifies the conditioning effect. You can see my review of the whole range here.

After I've combed through my hair with the Redken Butter Silk on then I will pop on an ever so flattering hair turban (£1 from Primark) - these are a bit more practical than just wrapping in a towel because they secure with a little button. This is because I want to leave the deep conditioning treatment on for quite a while so it's all wrapped up and bundled out of way on top of my head. Next, I'll run myself a red hot bath and a hot steamy bath would not be complete without a bath bomb from Lush! Seeing as though it's Easter weekend it seems appropriate to use something from the new Easter range: 'Fluffy Egg' Bath Ballistic. This fizzes away and leaves the water bright pink and smelling like candyfloss (it's the same scent as Snow Fairy).

While soaking myself in hot pink water I'll take the opportunity to give my body a bit of a scrub up. The scents don't compliment the smell of the bath ballistic but I will be using Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Wash and the matching 'Sugar Crush' Body Scrub on every last inch of my body until I am fully exfoliated and all of my dead skin has been buffed away (yum). While we're here, might as well give those legs a quick shave too.

Then, because I'm weird and anal I like to get out of the bath and then get into the shower to rinse my body clean and use fresh water to thoroughly wash out the Redken Butter Silk that's been sitting in my hair for at least 40 minutes now. Please someone else tell me they have a bath and then a shower straight afterwards? The water isn't clean! Baths are only good for soaking yourself and keeping warm and cosy, they're not really that hygienic. 

So, after I'm all squeaky clean and smelling like a mixture of lime and brown sugar from the Sugar Crush, a little bit like candy floss from the Fluffy Egg, all with a whiff of almond from the Smooth Lock it's time to dry off and continue to more pampering. I'll add a generous sized blob of Moroccan Oil into the mid lengths of my clean, towel dried hair, detangle using a wide tooth comb and then wrap it back up into that hair turban out of the way. 

Just to throw some more fragrances into the mix, moisturiser of choice for today is: The Body Shop's Papaya Body Butter that nourishes like an absolute dream and smells amazing, just like a summer fruit salad! It would be sad to neglect my poor little feet, especially with summer, i.e. sandal season, just around the corner. We need to get them into tip top shape! I'll smother them in Soap and Glory 'Heel Genius' foot cream and then pop on a pair of socks while the cream absorbs into my feet.

A pamper isn't a pamper without a face mask! I've recently been loving a couple of masks from REN, in particular their Radiance Renewal mask* with glycolactic acid that gives a gentle chemical exfoliation to renew the skins surface. It's an amazing mask and I'll be doing a full review very, very soon!

Finally, to finish things off it's time for a fresh manicure! I'll remove my current nail varnish with Bourjois' 1 Second Remover pot, nourish my cuticles with Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil, use OPI's Nail Envy as a base and then apply one of my all time favourite colours: Topshop War Paint. A gorgeous bright coral/red. Seal the deal with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat and voila - beautiful nails. These should be done all in 10 minutes which is perfect timing to rinse away the Radiance Renewal mask with a muslin cloth.

The result: Nourished hair that is as smooth as silk, a squeaky clean body that has been exfoliated, shaved, washed and soaked, before being coated in yummy body butter. Along with lovely soft feet, brightly polished fingers and skin with renewed radiance. Ah, heaven.

I hope I've inspired you to get the bath bombs out and pamper yourselves to the extreme!


  1. adore posts like this! I actually love 90% of these products too but haven't tried Redken! Really want to now! x

  2. Ahhhh I love pamper afternoons/nights, I think painting my nails is my favourite part. I might have to invest In the heal genius my feet really need some tlc :)

  3. I really want to get one of those bath bombs now! Love the smell of snow fairy!! Awesome post :) xx

  4. I love posts like these, gets me in the mood for a good pamper! I wish I lived nearer to a lush so I could get the limited edition things! Enjoy your weekend hun xxx

  5. I shower after a bath too, I like hot baths but since I dont risk oils from my Lush Karma bars getting in my hair it leaves my neck and back feeling dirty.

  6. Really want to try the Ren mask!!! Looks like my kind of thing....just not very purse friendly :(
    Love loaddds of these products :)

  7. I literally have/want everything here!

  8. I get out of the bath and have a shower after too, you are not alone. Your pamper evening sounds so relaxing. xxx

  9. absolutely LOVED this post! think i'll treat myself to a nice pamper session tonight thanks to this :) xox

  10. Amazing post, Sundays are my pamper day, but you've got me wanting to do it today now!! Xx

  11. Brilliant post! I know what I'll be doing tonight now haha. Really want to try the REN mask x

  12. i always shower after a bath too! X X X

  13. I ALWAYS have a shower after the bath! I thought I was the only one that did this haha. I hate the bath once the water is cold and never feel properly clean. So glad you do the same :P
    Great post, it sounds like a lovely pamper evening and I would love to try the fluffy egg.


  14. I've never tried redken hair products before, I think I need to get to trying it! Loving the sugar crush scrub and body wash recently though. I'm also dying to try moroccan oil! Great post xx

  15. Loved this post. Had my own little pamper session today! Felt amazing afterwards

  16. Big big fan of redken, I love their damage collection. The Ren mask sounds really good. Might have to get it now! My perfect excuse! Xx

  17. Love this post! I have all the types of products to pamper myself with but never get round to do it! This has encouraged me to do so now :)


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