Wednesday 27 March 2013

Topshop Lips | 'Firecracker'

It's no secret to anybody that I'm a fan of Topshop's make up line and if you have not tried anything from them yet then I urge you to, even if it's just a little pink nail varnish you pick up I assure you that you'll fall in love and keep going back for more! This is my fourth lipstick from Topshop and I bought it the other week after lusting after it for such a long time. Topshop's lipsticks cost £8.00 (but £7.20 if you have a student card), which makes them one of the higher priced lippie lines on the high street (although some from Revlon are now creeping up to this mark), but their quality is above and beyond their price tag and they can give Mac more than a run for their money. I'd rather have two Topshop lipsticks than one from Mac!

My shade of choice was Firecracker, and no, your eyes are not deceiving you - this is a bright orange lipstick. Bright orange. It looks a little bit red/orange in the photographs and also in the bullet when you see it in real life, but oh no no no this is just orange. There's no denying that it's a bold statement colour to be wearing, but if you want a splash of colour on your lips then why not go all out? There's no pictures of me wearing it because I'm a little camera shy, so I hope this picture will suffice:

That's a little bit of lovin' from me to you right there! Isn't the colour just amazing? The finish on Firecracker is 'Velvet' which means that it is smooth and creamy with about the same amount as shine / gloss that you would get from a balm. The pigmentation is far from compromised by the velvety formula though and just one sweep gives a medium coverage on the lips which is great if you want to wear this more subtley, or a couple more sweeps can easily build it up to the full works of full and opaque coverage. The wear time is pretty good too and lasts for a few hours but leaves a gentle stain of colour on the lips, although be careful when you apply it because I smudged this onto the skin around my mouth and struggled to get the orange stain off! Definitely just looked like a had coldsores or had been messy eating my spag bol!

It's not one for the faint hearted, but it is an amazing statement lip colour that makes a change from classic red and would look amazing on holiday and on hot summer days (that's hard to imagine when it's currently snowing!) because I can just picture it complimenting tanned skin incredibly well. Hurry up sunshine so I can get some more wear out of this beauty!

Is this a lip colour you think you'd be dabbling in when summer rolls around?


  1. I've always put off many clothing makeup ranges thinking they would be rubbish even though topshops makeup has so many good reviews! I don't own any of it but the colour of this lippy is amazing! Its a statement alright!

  2. This looks so gorgeous! I'm definitely more into it seeing that it's more orange than red, I'll probably cheekily pop it into my basket next time I'm in Topshop! xo

  3. oooooh this looks lovely! Topshop lipsticks are amazing, not sure that I could brave this colour though haha

    Nakita x

  4. What an amazing colour! Definitely taking a trip to topshop soon, especially with my student card haha! xx

  5. I had no idea that Top Shop's makeup is that good. Always thought of it as more of a clothing store. Jack of all trades huh?

    Gorgeous color.

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  6. Gorgeous, bright, summery colour! It is making me feel sunny already! I can't wait for summer! THIS will be the shade to wear.

  7. I really have to start thinking about buying from Topshop's make up range as I've heard so many good reviews!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  8. This looks gorgeous! I have a couple of Topshop's Lipsticks, so definitely going to look out for this shade xx

  9. adore this shade! x


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