Thursday 25 October 2012

eBay: Robot Necklace

I actually love this little guy! How amazing is he?! So cute and unlike anything I've ever seen on the high street before. I found him on eBay which is where I find most of the random bits and bobs that I have and I purchased him from this seller here (link) for £1.49 with free p&p - love a good bargain! He did take about a month to arrive and I ended up actually forgetting that I had ordered it and it made my day when he was delivered and I opened a random parcel having no idea what would be inside and I saw his crazy face staring up at me - ha!
All his limbs, his head and his headphones are all moveable and he has little gems in the cassette on his chest for a bit of sparkle. I've worn him a few times but have since decided that he looks better as a decoration and is now displayed hanging from a jewellery stand and receives attention from everyone who comes in my room.
What do you think of my quirky little robot necklace?
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  1. he has such a cute and crazy face! haha i love it xo

  2. Awwwww so cute
    Such a great price aswell

  3. Aw, how cute is this! And such a bargain too! xo

  4. Cute cute necklace!!

  5. E bay finds are great he s so cute! Love the nails too :)
    Come visit at wise rabbit says
    Ashley x

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