Wednesday 31 October 2012

Real Techniques Brushes: The Core Collection

When going all out a beauty splurge last week I took advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer and took the chance to finally get my hands on some Real Techniques brushes. These must be the most talked about, raved, reviewed, loved and hyped up brush range in the whole of the blogging world, and it would seem that you cannot blog about beauty unless you own at least one Real Techniques brush - everyone has them.
These brushes are designed by make-up artist, beauty blogger and YouTuber - Samantha Chapman, one half of the Pixiwoo sisters. Samantha worked with the creaters of EcoTools to create an affordable brush range and she has most definitely been successful with that mission. All of the brushes are cruelty free and because the bristles are made of synthetic material - talkon - it means that they won't soak up or absorb any of your product and lead to wastage which some other brushes do.
There are three different ranges of Real Techniques brushes, all of which are separately colour-coded by the colour of their handle; yellow (your base/flawless), pink (your finish/perfected) or purple (your eyes/enhanced). The 'Core Collection' of brushes is from the 'Your Base/Flawless' range and is the perfect beginners set containing every essential tool for perfect coverage and as the range suggests, a flawless base. The kit costs £21.99 and contains 4 brushes: a detailer brush, perfect for blending concealer or creating a perfectly defined lip shape; a pointed foundation brush, quite a small headed foundation brush that works well for building up liquid foundation; a contour brush which I have found brilliant for applying highlight, bronzer and blush; and finally a buffing brush - arguably one of the most loved brushes from the whole collection and the 'core collection' is often bought solely for this one buffing brush.
The handles are incredibly light making them easy to work with, I've experienced absolutely no shedding at all and although I've only washed the buffing brush so far but it kept its shape fantasically well and dried very quickly. Also, they are all sooo soft - I couldn't stop stroking them across my face when I first got them. Because of it's small size I rarely use the foundation brush from this set but I use the other three on a daily basis - the buffing brush is ah-maazing for liquid foundation application, blending it in like a dream and leaving such a flawless finish; I love the detailer brush for under eye concealer and use the contour brush for.. contouring!
Top left: Buffing Brush | Top right: Contour Brush
Bottom left: Pointed Foundation Brush | Bottom right: Detailer Brush
These brushes are really affordable and I would recommend this Core Collection to anybody at all - 4 brushes for less than £22 is a bargain and I have my sights now very firmly set on extending my collection, in particular I'm lusting after the stippling brush and the expert face brush.
Have you tried Real Techniques brushes yet?


  1. Mine have just came in the post today, I'm so excited to use them. Especially as so many people rave about them, it's time to move on from my sigma set!

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  2. I neeeed this asap, definitely on my christmas list :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. i want these so so so bad! May ask for them for Christmas!

  4. I'm so glad you've done a review of these I've been wanting some for ages but wasn't sure what each brush did and how well they worked so thank you xx

  5. I'm going to have to put these on my Christmas list! I've seen so many good reviews, makes me feel like I'm missing out! xx

  6. I really want the core collection but I've just not got round to it, dying to try the buffing brush! I've already got the powder and stippling brushes and just bought the expert face one yesterday so I'm excited to try it out tonight!!

  7. @charissa definitely on my christmas list! really good value, i love real techniques. :) <3

  8. I wish they sold the buffing brush seperately I would buy loads of them if they did! xx

  9. Omg I have been wanting to try these forever.. I think there finnaly available in my country too!
    Check out my blog, if you would like we could follow each other!


  10. It's sounds terrible but I've only used brushes for the past year to apply my makeup, id always use my fingers! EW! Even now I only have bog standard ones, deffo need to get myself some of these, especially at that price !

  11. I love these brushes, there defiantly just as good as brushes from MAC, bare minerals etc

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