Friday 26 October 2012

Instagram Diary | October ♥

♥ October in pictures - Instagram username: hannahripley1 

♥ Feeling festive with 98 days to go | Feeling festive in pjs & hot water bottle | Feeling festive with 2 months to go 
♥ Seasonal Kopparburg - Cranberry & Cinnamon | Bedroom decorations | Local sticky toffee pudding 
♥ Over the moon at 250 followers! | Post addressed to Chinese people? | Memories of being a first year fresher 
♥ Confirmation of Models Own order | Models Own - Naked Shimmer | Models Own - Bluebelle 
♥ Shopping @ The Body Shop | Shopping @ ASOS | Shopping @ Topshop 
♥ Going out face | Sad because it's raining face | Happy because it's Friday face 
♥ Hottttt shoes from Primark | Night out in Leeds | Millie Mackintosh lashes 
♥ Avon hair oil | Real Techniques brushes | Clinique chubby stick 
♥ Beauty haul #1 | Beauty haul #2 | Beauty haul #3 


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