Monday 8 October 2012

Small Primark Haul | Manchester

Without too much chatter and rambling.. I spent last weekend in Manchester with one of my best friends and her older sister who lives there. On the Saturday night we took a trip down Canal Street (bit of an experience!) and then spent the Sunday shopping in town with the majority of our time spent in Primark. I restrained myself extremely well and spent a grand total of £66. If you think that sounds like a lot then check out the items that I managed to get for myself for that price. Considering Primark have upped their prices I think I found myself some pretty amazing bargains which include 3 pairs of shoes, an amazing dress, a couple of winter essentials and more!

Plum Wedges - £20
I am aaaaabsolutely in love with these wedges! They come in black and grey too but it was the beautiful plum colour that won me over. They're super comfy too and I can't wait to wear them soon.

Cheapo Converse Dupes - £6 
Again, I love the colour of these Converse style trainers. At only £6(!) for a pair I don't know why I didn't stock up on more. I love this style of trainer but not keen on the idea of splashing out £40 for a branded pair when I only want them for casual, scruffy days and need something easy to throw on my feet so I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of these and more than my money's worth for sure!

Slippers - £6
Can you see a bit of a pattern forming with a certain colour that I was drawn too?? Definitely loving the plum/burgandy footwear this week! Needed a new pair of warm slippers and I preferred the navy blue pair with penguins that they had but unfortunately they only had sizes 'S' (3-4) and 'L' (7-8) and I was after an 'M' (5-6) so got purple with deers on.
Ballet Pumps - £6
These pumps are great, the perfect black pumps that go with almost anything. Almost as essential to a wardrobe as an LBD! Even better, these ones have cushioned soles to make them comfier.
Print Tee - £6
This faded print dip hem top looks great with disco pants and a cardigan for a casual day, but I've also managed to dress it up for a night out by tucking it into a pair of shorts with heels and chunky jewellery - very versatile and easy to wear for a bargain price.

Black Dress - £13
I feel like I got myself a bargain with this little number. Classic fitted little black dress with only minor peplum detailing and a little bit of mesh cut out, making it perfect for this season but will probably be wearable for many more seasons to come as it doesn't make a huge statement out of the key trends that are around at the moment. I amazing in this dress and I know that it's one I will get one than one wear out of which is always a bonus when buying a glam going out dress.

Stripey Snood - £4
I definitely feel like every winter I must buy atleast 3 new scarves and pairs of gloves because I keep finding them everwhere I look! Maybe this year I'll be good and only buy one new scarf! This stripey snood is a gorgeously soft knit and there's plenty of it too to keep you nice and cosy on the frosty days that are going to be turning up soon :(
Hair Oil - £2.50
I saw this at the till as I was paying and I'm not sure what came over me but before I'd even realised I'd done it I'd picked one up and put it on the counter to add to my order. I have atleast 5 hair oils that I rotate between so hardly needed another adding to the collection but I felt I had to try it out. I couldn't risk missing a potential bargain treasure. I've only used this once so far and felt no difference to my hair but I'll keep you posted if it turns out to be good.
Socks - £2.50
Thick, chunky socks; a winter essential.
Not bad, not bad.
Also, one little thing that I picked up that wasn't from Primark. I got this earring from Topshop while they were giving students 20% off for a couple of days last week. I wandered round and round looking for something but in the end felt like I'd only be better buying something for the sake of it because I'd feel like I'd be making a saving because of the 20% discount. I saw this earring which is similar to the cuff style ones that are popular at the moment but instead this one requires two pierced holes to be able to go through. This was £4.00 but £3.20 with student discount. Trusty NUS card has served me well!

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  1. omg I need those wedges!! They're gorgeous and the colours so this season xxx

  2. Love the entire haul, you just can't beat Primakr I'm like a walking advertisement for them haha!

  3. You really made your money stretch far, seriously impressive! I love the maroon colour theme too, and those over the knee socks look perfect for snuggly evenings with the heating on :) xx

  4. I need everything you have shown haha, I loooove the first shoes, amazing! And I need the Topshop earring, it's so nice xx

  5. I love those wedges! I was in Manchester on Sunday too but I didn't look at primark shoes! :( feel like crying haha



  6. love the burgundy wedges + converses! AND adore that top! been looking everywhere for it..


  7. Those wedges <3 and the snood is nice too :)

  8. I got those converse copies after seeing them on your instagram! I love them:)xx

  9. The plumb wedges look amazing and so does the black dress, great haul x

  10. them booots omg i need :O such an interesting colour too, i dont own anything of that colour :( thanks for sharing :) x

  11. I adore these wedges :)

    Divine Blog :) Thanks for the comment on my blog - i'm not following you so please follow back! I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  12. AMAZING, that print tee and the dress are GORGEOUS, i am getting down to primark ASAP

    Sophierosehearts x

  13. Those plum wedges are beautiful! And love the slippers x

  14. WOOOOOOW those wedges are right beauties! I love the dress too, actually i just love everything you bought! xx

  15. Ive been after a pair of wedges in that colour for a couple of weeks now! Will definitely be heading to Primark tomorrow! love everything you got - like the stripey snood too xx

  16. I love the burgundy wedges, I wanted a pair myself but they didn't have them in my size! :( xo

  17. I love those plum wedges, they are really similar to a pair I bought a few weeks ago.

    Stories of an English rose

  18. I love the heels, and the slippers and socks look so comfortable x


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